Zig zag baskets

Gotcha, well I hope I got this picture to work.  The photo has strange blue sections on it, but hopefully it works once posted onto blogger.  This is my contemplation for today.  Because I do like this setting, just got to work out how to fill in the ends though.  
There will be sewing today, just not sure it will be on this project ; )
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. I like that too Sue... what about HST's to fill in the space.. so they match the ones on the corners of the basket blocks...?


  2. The setting looks great.I am sure inspiration will strike for those ends you need to fill in.

  3. I think that the HST's would be good also, well done, something different

  4. I love this layout too. I do have an idea how to finish your rows. I'll send you an email. :0)


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