Log cabin from pre cut strips out of my stash

I am ashamed to admit there are no real progress photos of this quilt!  I needed a quick fix of mindless piecing and grabbed my box of  home made (using up stash) pre cut 2.5" strips.  I had a plan (e.g. pattern) for log cabins using red and green fabric with stars at the intersection of the blocks. I didn't give a lot of thought to contrast and therefore the original plan failed.  
 So I had to move to plan B, plain Jane log cabin blocks.  Well, first good friend Lisa came around and provided the motivation to make up a plan B!  Prior to that there was great temptation to stuff them in a corner and ignore them!  So first some unpicking.  And a bit of rethinking, but not too much!
 Some blocks are "red" and others "green", but in the end the mix works really well.  Mind you that blue/green strip sticks out more then you would think!  The blocks are suppose to be 12" finished but I had to trim them back a tad, so the flimsy comes in at 59" x 71". Not bad and I used up loads of scrap!
No border required, I am done with this top!  It might be pushing my luck, but hoping for a suitable backing in my stash!
Next: I made up these little stars, rotary cut (with a freezer paper template) and machine stitched.  The next step is backing, stuffing and a button is sewed in the center, hiding all imperfections ; )
I am hoping these can serve as cute Christmas Tree decorations - the pattern is from Kim Diehl's new book "Simple Christmas Tidings".  
Happy quilting Sue.

Autumn Stars Quilt finish!

The desire to reduce my stash of an overwhelming amount of brown fabric, resulted in a frenzy of piecing back in April this year.  
This is the only in progress shot I have, because the top went together so quickly.  The only hold up was finding the right border fabric!
  Quilted in an all over leaf pattern by Vicki Jenkin.  Sorry I must start writing down the names of the quilting patterns she uses, because I did spend a lot of time choosing this one!

There isn't enough room inside my house to take photos of this quilt, as it turned out so large!  Besides it deserved a follow up outdoor shot, now the garden is in spring mode!
Two finishes in two weeks, folks.  But it is all coming to an end, as I have not and will not have much sewing time of late due to work and personal commitments, especially as the silly season is basically upon us.
Rest assured I will be looking towards more finishes, but just planning them for 2017 ; )
Happy quilting Sue.

Farmhouse Kitchen Basket Quilt finish!

I have finished the Farmhouse Kitchen Baskets Quilt!  
There is considerable deviation from the original pattern, but that is no reflection on the original designer Ann Horton. I found this pattern in magazines that a friend was clearing out of her sewing room, it was published in USA magazine Quilters Newsletter over three editions in 2008.  
The original design included a nine patch border and the basket blocks were off set, but while I loved both of these design elements in the end the quilt was big enough  and I didn't have enough of the fabrics to make the border - I started making the nine patches, but it just was not working - I didn't have enough of the right colours.  
I started this quilt back in 2012 when I was the mother of a 4 and 6 year old, trying to work part time and we lived in Adelaide.  So much as changed since then!  This quilt has been on more quilt retreats then I care to mention!  I unpicked numerous blocks (more then I care to admit) when I realized that some were way too small.  Unpicking triangles results in stretched pieces, so I ended up remaking some blocks.  
 I enjoyed piecing the baskets.  But loved appliqueing the fruit.  I have a thing about fruit themed patchwork, so making a full size quilt with fruit on it makes my heart sing!
 I cannot remember ever using black in a full size quilt, or orange! So it was a joy to enjoy using both colours in this quilt.
  I really love the bright clear fabrics  and adore the patterned background prints.  Don't get me wrong, I am still a reproduction girl at heart, but there will be more fun in the future, using the leftover backgrounds in another quilt!
And rick rack...who doesn't love rick rack for a basket handle?!  But once again this is the first time I have used it in a quilt.
First time I have also used a pale backing - but so perfect for this quilt.  Plus it enabled me to use a red binding, which looked perfect on the front and back.  

Lots of firsts in this quilt.  Lots I love.
My local long-arm quilter and friend Vicki Jenkin has quilted an overall design (sorry forgot the pattern name) and used cotton wadding - which I really love. She did a great job and was spot on picking out the pattern for me - its more involved then a stipple, but just melts into the background so the blocks can shine. 
The only thing left to do is wash this quilt.  I will wait until the weather is warmer, but I will not be giving it away, until I have washed it with multiple Colour Catchers and hope that the red is not going to run....fingers crossed!
Happy quilting Sue.

Orange and blue friendship star cot quilt - flimsy finish

Another flimsy finish....only cot sized but I am still really pleased with it.  
Pleased because the blocks haven't languished in a corner for six months.  

But super pleased because I used up almost all of the left over strips to make a piano key border. And then found the perfect fabric in my stash to make the side borders.
I always feel pleased with myself when I make a quilt completely out of my stash!  And I even found in my deep dark stash enough novelty flannel left over from another quilt for the backing....its got diggers and trucks on it...so perfect for a little boy : )
Happy quilting Sue.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

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