Moda love quilt finish

Bit more hand sewing achieved, resulting in another finish - a free layer cake pattern called Moda Love, which you can download HERE.
  In my case I had most of a layer cake that a friend gave me (after she had used part to make a cot quilt), plus hot pink yardage and then some supplementary fabrics from my stash in similar colours.  A quick easy quilt to make, that looks very effective when you can see the whole pattern.  
Because I have boys its unusual for me to have hot pink in the stash, but this was just perfect match for pretty prints in the layer cake.  And some yellow yardage I picked up on sale, helped fill out the missing bits of the layer cake for the top, as well as make up the backing.
Long arm quilted by Vicki Jenkins.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Charity Quilt finish - Dinosaur half square triangles

Dinosaur Half Square triangles was finished in December, I am late posting the news!
Over Christmas I got the binding hand stitched down on this bright fun quilt.  I am really pleased with this kids quilt, as it used only fabric from my stash, but is still fun and bright...especially that border print!  I made my boys much loved cushions from the fun dinosaur print quite a few years ago, so was nice to use it in a quilt for someone else.  
There are lots of spot prints in this quilt, so Vicki used a lovely circular quilting pattern. 
And this my friends is my birthday present...a very large rusty garden ornament.  Its yet to find its permanent place in the garden, as we are still waiting for our gazebo to be built....but once its up, the surrounding landscaping will include a spot for the sphere.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Pre Christmas stitching and birthday gifts

The day before my birthday, friend and longarm quilter Vicki Jenkin returned two quilts to me.  Because I had made the binding when I prepared them for quilting I was able to machine the bindings on quickly, so I had some hand stitching to do in the evenings.
I was very spoilt by the family for my birthday, Quirky Little Quilts by Temcula Quilt Co and Pam Burda's Vintage Patchwork book and the layer cake she makes all the projects in the book with.  As part of the pre order of Pam Burda's book/layer cake there is a kit for a pin cushion and (because it was so late - not her fault the manufacturers) I got four fat quarters, bonus!  
On Christmas Eve I started sewing strings (actually they were strings I put through the Go cutter 1.5" die) to use up the collection of wadding  scraps I had cut into 11" squares.  Please don't ask my why they are 11" squares, because it is SO long ago that I cut them I no longer remember my rational!
I made quite a few blocks before I ran out of strings!  I didnt technically "run out" but got too low on bright colours and didnt want to make another dreary quilt - banned myself from using these colours unless it was novelty print.
Daylillies going nuts in my garden, providing a fantastic burst of orange.  And the cute red car bin that my friend Vicki made me as a gift....that I love!
Happy quilting Sue.

Secret Christmas gifts - revealed

I have two good friends that I sew with, but this year we have tried to meet monthly and been sewing the same quilt from Simply Friendships book by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton.  The quilt has lots of hand sewing, which was chosen on purpose, for easy get togethers in each others homes. 

We also have a tradition of buying each other gifts at Christmas and birthdays.  So this year for their Christmas presents I made them a Hugs and Kisses bag for their hand sewing.  Then I added two scissor holders, but they are for large scissors - just grabbed my small scissors for the  photo shoot!

Then I popped in the rest of the fabric - because I knew she loved this print and I found some in a shop.  Plus a fabric marking pencil.
Same pencil, but in this case a Christmas ornament that I purchased in London - because she loves bees!  
Happy quilting Sue.

2018 Finishes, flimsies and extras

Well it seems that in 2018 I finished a lot of kids quilts!  All six of which have been given to charity, along with one table runner (70th birthday present gifted) an, one big quilt (bottom right) which was gifted to friend in England.  Ahh, opps, that's a bit of an issue, as my local group have a quilt show which will need some entries in May.

All is not lost, as these are my flimsy finishes and WIP from 2018.  Now I wish I had sorted them a bit better here; top middle and right, along with centre photo are currently all at my long arm quilters.  The bottom left quilt (Moda Love) is just waiting for me to hand stitch down the binding.  And the brown log cabin is ready for quilting - when I find a backing.  So there are four very close finishes...but the string blocks (top left) and two bottom centre and right are still being worked on. And who knows if they will be done in time!  Not making promises about anything this year, just going to sew, take one day at a time and enjoy myself.
Here are my baking pictures from the last year, the bulk of which were made in the last three it is not surprising that I have put on a kilo or two in the last few months!  Might resolve to do no baking in 2019 and a bit more exercise!  Top left is my birthday "cake" - a lamington cake with icecream centre - delish!
Happy quilting Sue.

Harvesting wheat

From late November my brothers start harvesting the crops.  This season their progress was delayed by rain and cool weather.
My brother Greg drives the semi, here he is filling the truck with wheat in the paddock behind his house.
My youngest son was keen to join me for a ride in the header.  My brother Mike drives the header. 
This is a better shot - you can see the true colour of the grain.  An average harvest this year, as lack of winter rain was followed by a dry spring and frost - but grateful as it was much worse for some.  Many farmers north of our town cut their crops for hay...if they bothered at all.  And then there were districts where it was a bumper year - an hour or two from our place.  It all comes down to when and how much it rains folks!  So getting serious rain during harvest was it was sorely needed two months ago - but now is just a nuisance.
This is my sister in law Kylie driving the tractor, pulling the chaser bin.  Its a skill driving at the right speed alongside the header - but enabling the header to empty its load while harvesting at the same time, saves precious time.  Kylie takes the grain back to the field bin at paddock gate.  Means Greg can fill the truck from the field bin and get another load delivered to the silo.  This little merry go around continues while the weather is good - too cold or too much dew means they cannot harvest.  Too hot and windy (eg total fire ban weather) they cannot harvest because they might start a fire.  
Kylie cooked a beautiful Christmas lunch (compulsory day off as the silos are closed) and my contribution was roasted veggies and lemon meringue cupcakes - both normal and gluten free.  Two  wheat farmers in our family are now unable to eat wheat/gluten...ironic isn't it!
Happy Quilting Sue.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figure...