Farm House Kitchen Basket top

I had been good and done lots of domestic jobs, so thought I could have some time out for sewing fun.  And as per usual the sewing has taken over and the jobs need doing again!
I found 3 more basket blocks.  Of course they needed unpicking and resewing.  My original seam allowance was a fraction too wide.  But also some of the pieces were cut a fraction too small.  Still I managed to get the blocks re sewn, but I was one short to make a row.  

 So I made a fourth block -  there were plenty of spare pieces cut already....mainly because I pre cut all the pieces as required by pattern, then decided to not follow the pattern!  To celebrate summer I thought I needed one citrus coloured block...especially as the appliqued fruit is cherries, applies, pears and plumbs, not a orange or lemon to be seen.
I would like to celebrate at this point, 
but adding an extra row comes with its own problems.
It means the appliqued blocks are no longer in the middle!  And more to the point it means my measurements are uneven on the sides and even on the top and bottom, so need to do the tricky maths to get the pieced border to fit :(
Yikes, this changing the pattern is a dangerous business!
How lucky am I - this is the third lot of gifted fabric I have received since moving to the country - this is a present from Elaine my friend from Adelaide.  These huge bundle of fabrics are shop samples pieces, that she brought somewhere in country SA at a patchwork shop.  I can see more beautiful cot quilts in my future!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. good idea to sew instead of housework.. the dust will still be there tomorrow.... love your baskets and look forward to seeing how you decide to do it at the end...

  2. You might need to add 2 more appliques and put the 4 in each corner! Always fun trying to get it all to fit. I enjoy my EQ and working it all out on paper first!

  3. Yeah that seam allowance can be your worst enemy. You could always do just solid fabric borders ie not pieced if you had a fabric that brings it all together. I am sure you will work it out. What a great lot of fabrics to be gifted. It is so stinking hot here today. Its funny because yesterday was the same and I coped fine yesterday but today I am not coping at all (even in the air con). Unfortunately i keep having to go out to the clothes line to retrieve clean clothes. I am looking forward to winter and being cold.


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