Aussie Hero Quilts

This is the quilt I sent this week to a Australian Defence force member serving overseas.
  It felt good to finish another Aussie Hero quilt and have it posted off.  However I did decide that I would have a go at making some blocks, for my next effort.  The Australiana themed fabric I have purchased this year, finally went to good use.  I made two of each of the eight fabrics, as, you can see the bottom left corner the pattern repeat makes it look like a different block, but is the same fabric.  I was trying to line up fabric so I didn't cut heads off kangaroos etc, but it didn't always work out, as some of the prints were a tad large.
 I also posted these blocks this week.  This applique didn't use much fabric up, so I have a plan for the remaining Australian fabric - to make my next Aussie Hero quilt a whole lot more patriotic.
Last but not least this is one of the last cot panels I brought in January at Hettie's Patch sale.  I have quilted it simply, just follow outlines, and didn't over quilt.  A lovely boys quilt, all ready to be gifted to an expectant friend.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

All caught up for July

I plodded along on Sunday and managed to get the last two BOM blocks for the Sugar Block Club done.
Can you see the hopping kangaroos?
Sorry I tried to rotate this picture after I had uploaded it, and it didn't work.  My wheel is spinning the wrong way but I don't care!  I am loving the stripes in the corner with the dotty centre.  This colour combo is very "out there" for me, but I really really like it now its finished!
I have made a bit more progress on my Bittersweet Briar wall hanging.  More work is required and I am still not sure about the colours I have used for the large flowers.  This is a terrible photo colour wise because I took it inside at night, but I think I will applique on the many yellow berries and then make a final decision on the flowers.  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Another Maisy cot quilt!

Poor Maisy cot quilt has been folded up, out of the way while we had visitors.  When I found her I realised I hadn't showed her off to you all - but think I should have laid her out flat overnight first!  I went a big mad with the FMQ and "wrote" numbers in the side borders and stippled other parts on the quilt.  
I was just finishing the binding on my last cot panel quilt last night when I realised the front side of the binding wasn't machine stitched on properly, so there is a bit of unpicking and repairing work to do today.
These are the Sugar Block Club blocks from the BOM my friend Karen joined me up to.  I like them all,   except the one in the bottom right corner because it is 1/4" too small.  I have unpicked it once, but it is still too small.   AND obviously we are in July and I only have four blocks done.  So yesterday I started to try and catch up.  One of the challenges of these blocks, is working out which fabric I am going to use.  The print fabrics were a gift from my friend Lisa, and are from Emma Jansen's range and have an Australian floral theme, although there are some kangaroos on one print.   I thought it was time I had a bit more pink.
Luckily this block didn't have any paper piecing (the other two do), so I started with this one and I like the way it turned out.  I am really pleased I used the stripe.  
I have cut one of the other blocks, so just need to get stuck into it today.  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

I stuck to the plan, Stan!

Having a short term goal to achieve really worked for me over the weekend and a few nights after work this week.
I have stayed focused.  I have the slow burning desire to start a new project, but I haven't, cos I need to finish these ones first!
The Bittersweet Briar wall hanging now has all the leaves and stems machine appliqued down, plus a few berries and flowers.  The two big flowers are still pinned.  I am stumped on the colour for the fourth flower....still tempted to buy more fabric!  How did I ever develop this addiction for fabric?  Sew glad there is no cure!
The two cot quilts have binding machine stitched one, and hand sewing half done.  I will take photos when I can get some better light, so they don't look gloomy like this one!
This is my finished Scrappy Four Patch quilt, label and binding all done.  I have to make a laundry bag and then it is ready to send to a Aussie Hero serving in our defence forces overseas.  Not the best photo, but it was not outside weather.  Do you like our rocking horse?   My father made him for our boys, a very special gift, made with love.  The kids come in to see me when I am hand stitching in the lounge, and ride the horse while they are telling me something about their day...or dobbing on their sibling....or asking for a snack!
Happy quilting Sue SA

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