Show and tell catch up

So while I have been off line I have been busy with Christmas; decorating, present buy and wrapping, cooking and socialising.  However I have fitted in some stitching.  This is what I have done with my Indigo Crossing layer cake and my Lil Twister ruler.  Sorry that its side ways, but looks the same the right way up!  I have been to the shop twice and twice forgot to take the top with me to get border fabric!
There is some wastage or left overs when you are cutting the twister blocks, but rather then cut them down too small (they are on the bias) I trimmed them to 4' squares and made a table runner.  Just a top at this stage - sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  This is going to be my winter table runner, so not in any hurry to finish it.
Here is the finished Christmas table runner I did want to complete.  I am so pleased with it that I think I will make another one next year, but not as long.  Here it is in the family room, decorating the wine rack...I took the nativity scene off so you could see my echo quilting, but it is forming a nice part of my Christmas decorating. 

 So with all this piecing I have managed to complete more leaders and enders spool blocks.  I counted them (just over 100) and then arranged them on the floor. 
I have calculated that I really need about 400 to make a decent sized quilt.  I am not interested in sashing them, this project is to simply use up scraps, but I might add a border to finish them off. 
 This bag is nearly complete.  I do think patterns need disclaimers though, so you know in advance when purchasing them that there is hand stitching involved...especially as I went out of my way to skip the embroidery and machine stitched the Dresden plates...only to find out that the "bottom" of the bag needs to be hand stitched on- through two layers of wadding..not impressed, this could well become another UFO!
 These cute fabric books were panels that I brought at the SA guilds show in November.  I am really pleased with how quick and easy they were to make up.  I have already given the Christmas story book away as a gift.

So that's my show and tell!  Thanks for coming, happy quilting, Sue SA.

Posting a degree

These little pot holder friends are only a few of the flock that I started to make some time ago.  I finished them recently, not knowing who would receive them, but their numbers were right and the staff at DS2 Kinder all scored one for Christmas.  Ironically they were red, green and yellow - ideal colours for Christmas!
I also could not resist the lure of the blue and white layer cake - Moda's Indigo Crossing.  This is the start of what I made.  I am further along than this now, but the 3rd issue I have faced with technology has been the loss of software to download photos off my camera...the first being blogger refusing to load pictures (still haven't resolved that issue, just using Picasa and it lets far) and the second was that my PC lost Internet connection....I must have gremlins in the house!
But as you can see I have made good use of Picasa watermark option...when they make it easy I can do it!  Now off see if I have accidentally loaded ALL my families photos on the world wide web or just these two!  Happy quilting Sue SA. PS...I have missed show and tell with you all and lots more to come!

trouble with blogger

Blogger wont let me load any photos ... I am getting the following message...

Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos.  
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota. 
The offer to buy more space is the bit that concerns this for real or a scam?  And if its for real and I dont want to buy more space, is there another option? 
Any assistance from more techno savy friends would be greatly appreciated, Sue SA.
PS hoping DS1 is only a few years off telling me how to do stuff on the computer! 

Mother Patchworks Day Spa

I know you all said that a 2013 deadline for my Christmas table runner would be fine, however I didn't want to add to the WIP or UFO list...not to mention the wish list as I am already coming up with new patterns to try for 2013.
So I took the excuse of being parked in by the curtain installation man, to not go out Friday afternoon and sat and stitched until I finished the piecing.  Then early Saturday morning I spray basted it...luckily I had a nice large piece of red check for a backing and I did my usual trick of piecing left over long strips of wadding.   However I wanted to wait for it to dry before I started quilting. 
I had only made the four centre Dresden's and they are suppose to be surrounded by embroidery.  I started one Friday night while watching TV.  It involves lots of satin stitch, which I struggle with.  So I went to the patchwork shop for the jumbo rick rack...but forgot to bring the blue background fabric.  Hence I couldnt decide and ended up with blue and red rick rack and two pieces of blue fabric, for another project.  I went home determined to skip the hand stitch and give my machine a run. 
DS1 decided he wanted a foot spa, which DH brought me when I was pregnant with DS1!  It doesn't get used as often as I would like...on me!  So after DS1 had a turn, DS2 had to have a turn.  By this stage I could have mopped the floor with the water that was on it!  Then later DS1 had to have another turn, but lined up his Lego first, so he could watch TV, play Lego and have a foot spa!  And because he can read now he wanted to know if he could have the "heat and bubbles" option on... he wasn't convinced that kids/water/electricity was a bad mix, but I was 100% sure I wasn't plugging it in!

 So in between running a day spay I got the Dresden's finished - I am skipping the embroidery, figure they look fine without - especially as I used a print for the background.  I also figured this is 2012 and I could justify machine applique (it is a bag after all), so dug out the mono filament thread and voila!

 So this is "the pocket" completed.  Excuse my feet, they didn't get a spa yesterday!  Now the pattern is fairly good, but it didn't mention the need to quilt the three layers...just add the binding.  I was convinced that wasn't going to work for me, especially since I used wadding scraps (again got to use up those long pieces left over from quilt edges) instead of iron on pellon.  And given that iron pellon only sticks to one side I did a quick large stipple all around the Dresden's. 

Oh and I had to go back to the patchwork shop because I ran out of red jumbo rick rack!  BUT the bonus was I came home with the my FIRST layer cake ! ;-)  Well I could NOT leave it there because the fabrics are a lovely mix of blue/cream/gold....just perfect to make the Blue n white lil twister that is on my wish list BUT make it a large twister using my new large twister template. 

2013 is going to be my year of dragging out patterns/tool that I have brought and not ever made/used!

Hope you are having stitching good time this weekend, happy quilting, Sue SA.

Christmas here I come!

About a year and half ago I saw this pattern at The Patchwork Cow for a Christmas table runner.  I had the bright idea that I could duplicate that at home with red and green fabrics.  Don't worry about the fact I had never made a braid before.  Or that the cute understated Christmas fabrics were what made it special.  Or that I hadn't taken note of the lovely applique design. 
So this year when we went back on our shop hop to the Patchwork Cow I stopped being stingy and brought a first kit!  So the other day I thought I cannot, must not, really shouldn't let another December go by without making it up.  Its a table runner, how long can it take?! 
Well between feeding kids, watering vegies, finally remembering to fertilize the lemon tree and complete the washing I did get a start.  I used tear away behind the applique block (just like Heather told me to) and it made such a difference to the button hole stitching!  :-)
The bright green stickers are numbers so I sew the right strip on the right side...its a bit confusing having this end that doesn't meet up with anything...when you are stitching its easy to forget which way is up! 
There is a chance I will have this done before Christmas, just perhaps not before 1 December...only because I got distracted and started one of my new patterns purchased at the show...nothing like making more UFO's when I should be making Christmas pressies! 
Happy quilting Sue SA.

Adelaide Quilt show shopping trip

Thursday I had a quick shopping trip after my white glove duties.  Friday I was aiming for a BIG shop....ideally I wanted one of these, but there were no dealers at the show.
 There was a stand selling these, but I couldn't make up my cotton picking mind....
so I also looked at these....
But was even more confused about my priorities (cutting mat v cutting machine).
SEW I didn't buy any of them, instead I came home with this. Not bad, just not what I had planned. Although I do need that exact shade of green rick rack for my basket quilt.
These lack of decisions were not helped by the presence of my helper, although I was impressed by his patience.    You can see here he was trying to get my attention about the bargain fat quarters.

And then he entertained himself with taking self portraits, unflattering shots of shoppers tummies n rear views (!) PLUS lots of quilt photos, some of which are actually very good.  Unfortunately the rules dictate no loading photos online without the quilt makers permission...sorry I don't have the personal phone numbers of the entire guild to ring them for their OK!  However some of the eye candy (e.g. the winners) can be found HERE at the SA Quilters Guild website.

This quilt maker is a natural show off though and would like to reward you with one quilt photo.  This mini wall hanging was started months ago and abandoned due to the points being cut off and the wonkiness.  However I decided I needed to finish it yesterday, as Christmas countdown is galloping along and this is after all red n white...despite the wonk.  I think it will be table mat though, so I am less likely to see its wonkiness everyday.....I really need a miniatures class to learn non wonk! 
Finally anyone has any feedback to give me about spending my life savings (OK bit of an overstatement) on a Accu Go cutter I would love to hear from you.  Now that the need for impulse spending has passed me buy, perhaps I might do a little research first!

OK got to go and start that Christmas table runner kit I brought in July!
Happy quilting Sue SA.

Purple or orange?

Today's dilemma, will I wear the new purple button necklace...
 Or the orange one?
 Who cares, the Quilt Show is on and I am there!  Here's today's loot!
I just played white glove lady today and then had a 30 minute window to make purchases before I had to put my responsible mothers hat on and go pick up the kids.  However the next three days are open to longer shopping expeditions opportunities, so I will be returning with my list for new needles, a new cutting mat and hopefully a fancy light so I can see to sew at night!  If your in Adelaide pop on down the showgrounds and check out the great display of quilts.
Happy quilting Sue SA.

Sunday Morning Pancakes

Sunday Morning Pancakes

2 cups SR flour                        (I like to use 1 cup wholemeal and 1 cup white self raising)

1 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1 3/4 milk                                  (I use low fat lactose free cos I am lactose intolerant)
75 grams melted butter           (I use full fat Nuttelex - dairy free margarine)

Sift flour and baking powder into a bowl.  Add the sugar and mix.  Whisk the egg and milk together with the cooled butter.  Add to the dry ingredients and whisk until smooth.

Heat a small non stick frying pan (grease first if its not non stick) and pour 1/3 cup of mixture into the hot pan. Cook on a medium high heat until bubbles appear on the top.  Flip over and cook the other side for less then a minute. 

Serve with chopped banana, strawberries or fruit of choice and maple syrup (the real deal not that imitation rubbish!) OR with cream or ice cream for those of you who don't suffer my dairy intolerance!

Makes about 10 large fluffy pancakes....more if you like small dainty pancakes and less if you use wholemeal flour as the mix is thicker.

I freeze the left over pancakes  (only two pancake eaters in this household...amazing I know!) with a piece of non greased kitchen paper between them, and then reheat in the microwave.  Obviously they are not as nice as fresh, but DS1 enjoys them with strawberry jam and if I use wholemeal flour I justify it by the thought that he is getting some goodness!

This is a Donna Hay recipe that I adapted for my lactose sensitive purposes!

Quick quilting update

Yikes where did October go?  It is scary how fast Christmas comes this time of year, yet I do love Christmas and already started to think about which decorations are going up and if I can justify buying new ones!  However there is some gift making to happen first and I have a made a little start.

These cute bags are a variation on the humbug bag design and taught to me by Heather Ford, quilt teacher extraordinaire! 
I finally put together the other Bug in a Bottle quilt top that I started for my charity quilt group.  I didn't have any time to put a border on this week, but its on the to do list for next week.

And finally I have had a medical conditioned diagnosed after all these years, alas there is no cure for Quilt Pox!  Lucky my DH has learned to live with it and me!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

My entry in Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival

This is a first for me, but I decided the timing was right to enter a quilt into Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival.
This is my entry, the quilt you have been watching over the last five months, a pattern by Two Kwik Quilters called Kwik Scrappy Star.
 It was beautifully quilted by Elaine Kennedy of Pine Grove Quilting Studio, with butterfly's and swirls, machine pieced by me and it all started in a workshop with tutor Heather Ford in June.  I put the last stitch in the binding and label today! 
I made this quilt for the daughter of one of my friends from High School.  We live in separate states, visit rarely, but have maintained a friendship over many years.  I suggested the pattern, as I had seen one made in red/blue by a friend that I loved.  She nominated her favorite colours and I had to pick the fabrics...daunting when you don't have a daughter and are trying to buy fabrics that you hope will stand the test of time...from primary school aged now to hopefully to at least teenage years.
 Pieced purple stars on a pieced pink background and pink stars on a purple background made me think this was a legitimate quilt for the two colour category...but some of the fabrics have white in them, so I guess my entry in that race might get scraped at the barrier - as they say in the racing game.
 This quilt was a joy to make.  It was nice to make something for someone else, plus tick off a pattern you have long wanted to try, attend workshop with one of your fav teachers (and I made a new quilty friend) and extend yourself in a colour palette you rarely explore.
Kwik Scrappy Stars in Purple and Pink
Quilt Measurements: 81" x 62"
Special Techniques used: Two Kwik Quilters freezer paper pattern
Quilted by: Elaine Kennedy of Pine Grove Quilting Studio
Categories: Two Colour Quilt, Bed Quilt, Professionally Quilted Quilt. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Ted and B1 see some outside action

It is a lovely sunny spring morning in Adelaide.  Ted and B1 voted for a turn in the garden...but   
 because B1 was only wearing PJ's he needed a nice completed dolls quilt to keep him warm.  Ted
 complains of the cold, but at his age (40 is old for a bear) a knee rug is to be expected.  Ted is awaiting surgery, as a small girl chewed off his lovely black nose many years ago...poor Ted, such a pity that the waiting lists for plastic surgery at public hospitals are so long!
 Ted and B1 sighted some lovely art in their ride around the garden.  They fancied a seat in their old friend the rocking chair, but DH decided it needed a new home and after 20 minutes on the verge, it was granted one!  Lots of memories of breast feeding woes and sleepless nights, (and howls after knocks to poor wee bub's head on those #*@! arms), gone forever..yippee!

Ted and B1 admired the lovely finished basket table runner amongst the budding green of the hibiscus bush.  Its amazing what you see if you venture into the garden early in the morning!
Happy quilting Sue SA.

Little projects take time

DH has made us two raised veggie garden beds.  I am very pleased with the results, so fingers crossed that my efforts result in some fresh veggies for eating in ... ?? weeks....I am not good at waiting!  But in the interim I am taking a ridiculous amount of pleasure in watching the tiny seeds burst out of the soil and watching the seedlings getting bigger.

There is a  Dolls Quilt is on my To Do list.  This is NOT the actual pattern I was originally planning to make, but whats not to like about nine patch on point?!  This is a free pattern from Kathleen Tracy on her website Country Lane Quilts HERE.
I had a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to find a border print....the fabrics are all out of my stash, and I generally only buy fat quarters of reproductions, so trying to find a suitable piece big enough was the problem. 
I went back to the shop and did some shopping (but forgot to take the dolls quilt) and got home and  started a NEW project.  Which resulted in some pressies for others.  That got me further distracted, but these two car bin's are for girlfriends who had birthdays LAST month, so I figured they needed to get done straight away.  Mind you they still haven't been delivered.  The white bit in the middle is interfacing to make them sit out AND so you can fold the top of a plastic bag over it...a small bag like you get the veggies in at the supermarket. This pattern is by A Ditchin Time Quilts blog and her Car Trash bag tutorial can be found HERE.
So after that diversion I decided to quilt the Basket Table Runner..which of course needed backing.  I found the backing in the draw of backings (duh) and ironically it was also the perfect border for the doll quilt.  So that got pinned and I started quilting. I now think it deserves a proper quilted border....if one of my stencils fits. 
I have started sewing the binding down (this post got started over a week ago), but might try and do some proper quilting in that border today...all day quilting is on TODAY, I am one excited quilter!
SO, got to go and pack for my day of stitching, happy quilting Sue SA.
PS I "lost" my blog last weekend.  When I found it (truly) and logged in it turned out that someone had hacked (?!) into a blog that I follow, so I stopped following that blog (Farmyard Crafts) and that seem to fix MY problems.  Don't know if anyone else has had that problem, bit of a worry that you would invade someones blog, but I guess it is a reality of our modern life.  I am hoping you can all still see me AND that Farmyard Craft manages to fix her problem...or that someone else who is more tech savvy then me, can help her?  I am off to update my password!

Dinosaurs Galore - finished

Well here it is, Dinosaurs Galore, all finished and ready to give away!
 This is a decent single bed size quilt.  I had the dinosaur fabric in my stash, but only had a metre so the pattern and size were dictated by this.  I thought cutting them up too small would just loose the effect of the different dinosaurs.  As it was I had lots of tails and heads without bodies!
Here is a close up of the all over Dinosaur footprint pattern, quilted by my local Long Arm Quilter and friend, Elaine Kennedy.
 I used the pattern for easy attic windows out of my Ursula Reikes book, but made the blocks larger.
Dylan tells me that his favorite colour is blue. Sew I hope there is enough blue and dinosaurs here to keep him happy and warm! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figure...