Its hot, hot, hot, budgie!

While it has been hot, hot, hot here, this morning some light rain and a drop in temperatures has been appreciated by everyone in the family....including our new (first ever family) pets!
Welcome Snuffleupagus (grey boy) and Emily (green girl) Budgie.  There are lots of words related to patchwork that the spell checker questions me about, but apparently Snuffleupagus is a word, cos its in spell checker!  Our six year old son named the budgies and in case you didn't know Emily is a green female train from Thomas the Tank Engine and Snuffleupagus is a large hairy mammoth like creature on Sesame Street!  
Right back to quilty things - this is my box of scrap blue fabrics.  It was compressed into 2 zip lock bags of A4 size when we moved house - but has grown since being released into a box!  While it has been hot I have been ironing (argh) and cutting (bliss, love my Go cutter) the larger pieces into triangles and squares.  See my new box...loving Kmart fishing section!
The partitions are really deep in this box.  There is literally one green triangle and about 40 in each stack of the blue.  The question is - should I use the triangles to make my leaders and enders blocks OR
should I make something new!! Like Ocean waves???  
Sigh.  I am a little ahead of white triangles yet! 
BUT I do have lots more log cabin blocks, 83 to be exact.  This has been a fun project during the heat of the day.  Hmmm except I am about to run out of the red I was using for the centres.  
I either make the blocks bigger (currently 5.5"unfinished)
I start using different reds for the centres?
I want a big quilt!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Love your new pets. I knew about Snuffy, but not Emily. Your log cabin blocks look great. I don't think you should worry about adding a new red. The more the merrier.

  2. Grout log cabin is looking great. Shame about the red, any chance of a near match?

  3. Looks like you are nearing the finish line--your quilt is beautiful

  4. I am loving your log cabin blocks. Have you decided what you are going to do? any chance you found a similar red? I like them the size they are.
    The hot weather would certainly be testing everyone, including your cute budgies. How did they go? We had a couple of budgies when we were growing up.

  5. I love your log cabin Sue. The blocks are cute and effective :-) The budgies look content in the shade. I'm happy to meet you - found your blog after doing some hopping :-)


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