Birthday cakes and baskets

This cake was fairly easy to construct, but I did have a laugh when one of the party attendees said "look an abandoned well in the middle of the farm."  That wasn't the look I was trying to achieve!

I was playing on Sunday, trying to find a collection of items to display in my kitchen.  I abandoned this look 
for a display, as my fabric fruit and veggies have not had a home for a long time.
Then I realised that there was a bit of a theme going on in my house....
 of things I had made in the past ....
 and new projects about to begin!
The cherry baskets would have to be my favourite!
Baskets and  Paulette's blog go hand in hand and she referred me to Christine's Blog  for more baskets.
Christine kindly sent me the applique pattern she designed, which I am going to make into a table runner.  I decided as I have been failing to produce one season/month themed project as part of my wish list that I would at least attempt to make myself a table runner and some cushions - still little projects, just not theme dictated. 
I borrowed this picture from Christine's blog - isn't her applique perfect? I hope mine measures up!   I also love the shirting or print backgrounds AND the fact the baskets are on point, just right for a table runner.
Right, got to go and finish getting the sewing room ready for the electrician, then I can finish moving back in and hopefully get some sewing done!
Happy quilting Sue.

Sewing room chaos

Never fear, ask and you shall receive!  Remember this pattern from my last post?
 Well I did what I SHOULD have done before I whined!  I goggled the designer, found out she had a website, then sent her an email!  Hey presto the lovely Ann Horton has generously emailed me the pattern. Then my lovely friend Heather remembered she had another pile of magazines she had given away, and yes Part 1 was in that pile, which she kindly retrieved for me and I just have to pick up from her!  So fingers crossed I got some of the yardage already purchased right, but if not, don't think its going to matter too much as this is a scrappy look quilt.  Hmm perhaps I had better use some of my stash!

Before I start ANY sewing we need to get the LAST room painted...yep my sewing room.  Its also the guest bedroom, dumping ground for ironing, mending, bits to be transported to Grandmas house and home to all the baby gear which I am trying to get rid of!  Currently all the contents of our lounge room and DH office are in there as well...but the painter finished those two rooms yesterday and kindly agreed to not come today, so I had time to clear it out.  Of course that doesn't mean that everything will go back in to its right spots straight away, but at least I don't have to panic and make an even bigger mess.

Remember this pink/purple star quilt?  Well that is all carefully laid out in my sewing room, under all this mess.  I had cut and swapped the blocks which is crucial to ensuring each block has the right combo of fabrics...then didn't finish sewing the blocks together (takes a bit of time) before the painter started work.  So now I am desperate to get to the blocks and carefully put them somewhere safe!
The electrician is also coming today so fingers crossed a I get a double power point installed in my sewing room, before the painter needs to paint that wall!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Bug in a bottle n bargain fabrics

 The completed Bugs in a Bottle quilt.  Well nearly completed I need to sew a label on it, so its still sitting next to my chair, to do one night, when I find the labels!
 A close up of some of the bugs.  Some of the prints are small (bottom row, second from left end they are purple spiders) and the far right on the bottom row are actually green and orange frogs, but also difficult to spot.  I used gold fish in another bottle and mice in one, as I wanted each print to be different.  If you want to  make one of these quilts I really recommend getting together with some friends and swapping fabrics, as its hard to get 20 different fabrics, plus you don't need a whole fat quarter!  Otherwise there are shops that sell collections often in fat 1/8's, just perfect for this design!
 I had a spend up a few weeks ago.  The bottom pink is the backing fabric for my Ohio star lap quilt.  The floral on the left is "just because" I love it so much, I think it will make a great bag.  The pink/white print on the right is the backing for my Kwik Star quilt - these fabrics were all $7 p/m, so too good to ignore!
Now these fabrics were also on sale, although I do recollect I had to pay $12 p/m (LOL) for one print, I cannot remember which one it was.  But my mistake was buying them when I didn't have the pattern.

This is the magazine that I picked up (friend had cleaned out her collection) but AFTER we got to the sale I realised it was part 3 of a 3 part pattern and I only had the quilting instructions.  So I brought yardage, not knowing if that was enough, only to find out I cannot get the pattern.  Well I can if I want to buy the magazine on-line but it would be $28 Australian including shipping just for part 1, part 2 isn't available.

 I haven't decided if I am going to try other options for finding this pattern (well baskets are on my wish list!) or just enjoy the fabric and find another pattern that they would suit equally as well.  And I was doing so well in reducing my stash!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

The finished kitchen (well almost!)

 AFTER  I cleaned up the kitchen and took these photos the electricians finally rang to say they were coming to fit the final three while the picture tells you otherwise, they have been fitted now.  It is so nice to have a new kitchen, not just because it looks good, but because it functions so well!  I now have a nice wide bench round my stove top, overhead cupboards I can use - and display things in, a self cleaning oven (yippee) and LOTS of big draws for great storage.  The green splash back is much more of a pea green in real life, this photo was taken at night - you can see our dinner cooking in the oven!

 I cheated here and just removed all the junk paperwork off this bench top, but it is a great dumping office space for my handbag, the phone (now plugged into the new power point) and all the bits and pieces.  As you can see up top I have room for cook books on one side and well the other side needs some creative styling assistance!  The appliance cupboard is to the right and everything fits to my delight.  On the left is the pantry, which is still overflowing, so I need to learn to ONLY buy what I need for the week...still stock up like I live on the farm!  The last thing to do is the kitchen guy needs to come and tweak the pantry light, otherwise its all done!
This is the back side of the bench with the ugly but still functioning dishwasher we kept.  The only thing that makes it ugly is the original owners never removed the protective film from the front and now its stuck on, but got "wrinkles" in it! 
This is the dining side of the kitchen and you can see my two big cupboards which hide the sink and store LOTS of handy things such as the good dishes, vases, salt n pepper shakers (we have quite a collection) and all the good bowls and platters.  You can see that I am trying my luck with an African Violet (still alive) and have been growing a bulb in my Grandmothers bulb vase.  I treated myself to a big bunch of flowers last weekend and they have survived really well.
I have been sewing, but just not got any pictures to prove it.  Made a few more string QAYG blocks and a some progress on the Kwik Stars, hopefully will have some photos by the end of the weekend BEFORE I clean up the sewing room for the painter comes back!  YIKES the three rooms left to be painted are the ones with the most crap stuff in them, so perhaps I might have to have a clean out!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Opps missed one!

This is one of the quilts donated by Quilts from the Heart two weeks ago, 
and I missed uploading its picture on my other blog - see HERE!  The pieced top was donated by Alan.  Alan is in his 80's and loosing his sight, but pieces beautifully.  This is one of his preferred patterns, 16 patch and a pin-wheel, isn't it effective in scrap? Alan always uses lots of yellow and we felt two bright borders would fit right in, which they have.  Another beautiful and warm quilt that I hope brings someone some comfort.  
Happy quilting Sue.

All in a weekends work

Last weekend I spent 24 hours at retreat with my fellow After Dark Quilters.  I had a lovely time and got a few small jobs done, then completed all the quilting on my Bugs in a Bottle cot quilt.  I did some simple meandering stipple around the border and in the ditch around the bottles. 
With the quilting finished I went home to have tea with my family, only to discover DH up a ladder Hoovering the ceiling (cathedral with exposed beams, perfect spider web haven) and evidence that he had been cleaning windows!!!  I was really sorry I came home early, he might have achieved more...leaving less for me...not that I EVER Hoover the ceiling!
As a special treat we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, with banana and maple syrup...yum!  Oh and I got time Sunday to machine the binding on the Bugs in a bottle.  Now I just need to hand stitch the other side and add a label....a great weekend all around!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

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