Quilting rabbits

I happened to eat lunch alone at work during the week, so I sat and doodled some ideas.  
  The ideas turned into rabbits. 
 Rabbits were quilted.  
I didn't  manage to link them up in a continuous line, but I was still VERY chuffed with myself and the end result!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Ready to be pinned

Last weekend I snuck in half a morning of sewing and got the border on my Kim Diehl wall hanging Bittersweet Briar.  While machine applique is quick, but I don't know that I would call it fun.   Having said that I needed quick, so I am very please to have a finished top.
Now I just need to squeeze in some quilting time and it will nearly be ready to hang on the wall.  I am going to try my hand at FMQ this very heavily, fingers crossed it works!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

A few finishes from the pile

This quilt was made by someone else for Heart Kids SA and I just had to quilt and bind it.
 Ditto with this one.  But I wish I had made it, The scrappy log cabins were gorgeous.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  I still have a log cabin on my to do list.  Please note the kids took these photos, but it was my dumb idea to stand with my back to the sun!
Finally finishing the binding on these two in front of the TV at night prompted me to finish some other tops so I had more binding to do!
This orphan block became a FMQ practise piece and is now going to find its way onto my wall of miniatures....when I get enough mini's and a bigger wall!  
I hand stitched the binding down  yesterday while having a relaxing stitch and chat session with Shay but it still needs a hanging sleeve. 
I love making kids cot quilts, they are quick, easy, no think, mojo boosters.  I have a huge pile of novelty fabric and every bit of this quilt came out of stash.  The border fabric is left over from my pieced Dresden and the backing is also left overs from another child's quilt.  
I love scraps, but using scraps makes me even happier  ; )
Happy quilting Sue SA.

Cot quilts catch up

I haven't been slack in my blogging so much as my camera went on a holiday...with DH to India!
Well he did go for work, but had one day off to visit the sights and  pretty impressive sights they were too!  DH brought me home a very beautiful red pashmina which more then made up for "stealing" my camera.  Besides he gave his digital camera to his Mum, when hers broke a few months ago, he is such a good son, hubby and father.  : )
Meanwhile back at the ranch I overcame my aversion to pinning long enough to pin a cot quilt.  I have since finished quilting it and just need to sew the binding down.   
I brought a new ironing board cover and some cute knobs for ....?  Well I guess they will come in handy one day!

 Remember the pair of Dresden sunflowers I made?  Well Mum made one into a cushion (sorry no picture) and I snaffled the other back to make it into a table centre.  Both have been donated to a silent auction to raise money for palliative care services.
I have been busy sewing up more scraps out of my stash.  I made this cot quilt and finally got the purchased minky borders on yesterday.  If you think opening a jelly roll creates a lot of fabric "dust", then don't go near minky!  I have purple fluff everywhere and only had to make three cuts!  Minky is a bit more of a pain to sew onto cotton then I had anticipated, but it was the best colour fit (lighter then in the photo) for the scrap purples.  And surprisingly there wasn't much in the way of purple fabric suitable for a cot quilt at Tricia's....and she has more fabric then you can poke a stick at!
Got to go cook DH a hot breakfast for Fathers Day!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

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