Log Cabin quilt commences

I have been setting up my sewing space into a more function workplace.  That included borrowing all the extra picture hooks from the walls of other rooms, so I could hang all my quilts.  Correction, hang the quilts that I liked.  The ones that are out of favour are still sitting in a pile! 
I have also been using my new Go cutter and new 1.5" die to cut strips from my reproduction fabrics.  This seemed like a good idea at the time because a) my reproduction fabrics are in mainly housed in that cane basket in the bottom right corner of the above photograph (e.g. I knew where they were)
b) I have always wanted to make a log cabin quilt and c) I had a new book and magazine with log cabin patterns in them.  This is my progress 39 blocks so far!
 I am still thinking about the splash of cheddar, black and light blue and I think that I will just continue the way I started.  Which was to pull out the smallest pieces and cut them up, followed by the colours I was missing.  I had cut two prints which I thought might read as lights - a cream with green print and a cream with coral print.  However in this photo I can see that they read more as darks and I wont continue using them.  These blocks are making me very happy and have been a good way to spend a couple of very very hot days...days where friends were being evacuated, we could smell smoke in the air from fires far away and all the news reports were about bushfire's.
We picked apricots off our tree two days ago.  As you can see from the twenty cent piece they are not huge, but they sure pack a punch in the flavour department.  We ate some and lots got made into jam.
Mum came around and deliver a hands on class in jam making 101.  Mum is a dab hand at making jam after 40 odd years of experience, every summer!  It was stinking hot (eg 43C) outside and slightly better inside, as the air conditioner struggled to keep up.  Confession, I sewed log cabin blocks and Mum made the jam.....I did help with the cutting and odd stir, but basically she made it! 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Good on you mum, and love the log cabin blocks. Well done, to even think about sewing so soon after your move! You must be one organised lady. Not good with the fires and the heat.

  2. I really love the cheddar and lighter blue in your blocks. Gives them more depth, I think.
    Looks like you have a great sewing space!

  3. The log cabin is looking great......and I think sewing would be much cooler than making jam....sounds like a good arrangement!


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