Log cabin flimsy finish

Oops my bad!  
So sorry but I really did think that I had posted a photo of my finished Log Cabin (70" x 84").

Ta da!  Dang blast, there is a boo boo :(
Ah that's better.
Now I just have to buy some backing then its off to the long arm quilter for this top.

This is the reason that I forgot I had a flimsy finish to brag about....
Yep that's right - I am working on my Farm House Kitchen Basket quilt...again!
Lisa reminded me that I had taken this quilt away on our last two retreats....hmm that means its been on the WIP list for more then 2 years....does that make it a UFO?....perhaps I had better get to and finish it ASAP!
I have two more blocks to finish the sashing and neutral corners to put them on point, (one still needs a handle) and then I need to decided if I like this setting OR I want to go with the original setting, which was laid out with staggered vertical rows - so the neutral backgrounds make a zig zag.  But that requires me to make some half blocks :(
These blocks  are 17" finished, so in this setting and with the 9 patch border the finished quilt will be 80" x 80" .....hmm and its still summer and it was always going to be my summer bed quilt, if I can just finish it super quick!

Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Good thing you took a photo and saw your one block that needed to be rotated. Whew! Love your summer baskets. Hope you have time to work on it. They're super cute.

  2. You are amazing, wish I could put them out like that. I have been working on one of my own quilts this morning, but takes time when decisions have to be made.

  3. The log cabin quilt looks great. And I love how the baskets are looking. You are keeping busy! I am sewing together my Xmas present flannel jelly roll to make the rail fence design. Then it will be off to the fabric shop to find some co-ordinating fabric to make the quilt larger. Enjoy :)

  4. Sue your log cabin quilt is just fantastic... I love it.... glad you sorted the booboo out... your baskets are coming up well two... just lovely work inboth of them...

  5. Lucky catch! It looks great. I remember those basket blocks. I sense you are enjoying your time and obviously making the most of it.

  6. Love your log cabin, it looks great. Pretty baskets too.

  7. Love both of them, particularly the baskets (and the setting). I have a thing for baskets.

  8. I love your log cabin quilt. That's another one on my someday list! :0)


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