Loving log cabin quilts

These are my log cabin blocks measuring 5.5' before I sized them up...well about 83 blocks,  I ended up with 126.
So I like the barn raising set out but with more blocks, bigger blocks I was keen to explore options.
 I think this is called furrows??  That fits with the whole living in the woods and farming theme I guess.  Its nice, but think that it doesn't float my boat enough to commit to.
I have no idea what this setting is called, excuse the boo boo on the bottom row.  Again its nice, but I think it looks way nicer when you have skinny logs on side and fatter the other = a round effect.
 So Barn Raising it is = this is 120 blocks, six spare, hopefully I remember to go on the backing.  Faced with stitching all the blocks into rows I decided I had better get the leader & ender system working.  It was a good idea as I got all the rows stitched and ten new blue leaves.  I have decided to follow along with the Rainbow scrappy challenge and January's colour is blue.  As you can see, the sum total of last years leaders and enders is on the left...this is what the finished product needs to look like.  I will sew them together when I have a bunch more colours.
Of course I have way more half square triangles then I need for leaves.
So just deciding what to do with the rest.  Something to think anyway.
Last but not least these are some of my presents from Lisa - we swap pressies at Christmas time.  She made me a lovely pencil case, a card wallet and a apple oven mitt.  There was also a great bobbin holder, that is in use and didn't make it into the photo.  I have a collection of fruit themed oven mitts, table mats and pin cushions on my Pinterest page - so I especially love this apple ; )
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Definitely love the barn raising, looks great and it's come together so quickly.

  2. Well done, it looks great. You are certainly the achiever!

  3. I love your blocks ..... really looks lovely...

  4. I like the barn raising setting too. Good plan to use leaders and enders. It's amazing how much time and thread that saves.

  5. I have a soft spot for the barn raising layout. I love how your quilt is looking. I have been catching up on your posts while reverse sewing. Grrr!

  6. The humble log cabin provides some very graphic designs. Your barn raising design looks great. Are you going to quilt it yourself? You are making good progress with your leader and ender project. Handy that you can use your go cutter to get the pieces cut.
    Sounds like a wonderful collection of pot holders you are gathering. Can you bear to use them? I am not sure I could.

  7. Sue, your log cabin setting is great!! I've been wanting to make a log cabin quilt and you've inspired me to get more serious about it!!

    Your basket quilt is so pretty!!

    Blessings and hugs!


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