Modern plus quilt left overs make bonus project

OK, remember this quilt?
I realised that I had lots of left overs.  My default position when buying fabric and I don't have a pattern, is to buy too much yardage.  But lovely Ann from Periwinkle Patchwork had done the calculations for me so I didnt over purchase.  But I stuffed up the cutting.  So lovely left overs, not excessive, but enough for a bonus project.  
Hmmmm, I need a quick gift for a  `0' birthday - one of those parties where gifts are not allowed, but you want to say "Happy Birthday - you are special".
  Hmmm....I have still not made the Tic Tac Toe quilt by Blossom Heart that I have listed on my Wish List for this year.
The original pattern makes 12" blocks, but mine are 8", because that fitted with the pre cut scraps I had.  Love, love, love this block!  
I am not going to place the blocks on point, but this is going to a retired nurse who worked overseas for Red Cross, so it is very fitting!
Happy quilting Sue.

Modern plus quilt flimsy

I am on a mission to finish some tops and get them to the long arm quilter.  There is a quilt show next May and I have given away the only quilts I have finished since the last show.  Besides having a clean up and putting all my projects into boxes a few months ago, made it easier to find things.  Not to mention the realisation that there were multiple projects that needed minimal work to get finished!
This poor flimsy just needed some additional background fabric to make one last block.   I purchased all the fabric from my favorite retailer and friend Ann at Periwinkle Patchwork in January.   I knew that Ann has a good turn over so no chance of there being any left....but with the magic of modern technology I sent her a photo and she had a neutral that was perfect.  The rest of the transaction was done over the phone and then I just needed delivery .... and of course I was in a hurry!  
Awesome news, my brother was going to Warrnambool and was happy to pick up my purchase for me.  When I asked, he was sufficiently worried that he warned me he had very little extra room in his ute!  LOL!  I assured him I had brought two zips and a single meter of fabric - more then I needed for this quilt, but still not a box full!  Blank looks - he is a farmer - he knows what a acre looks like or an inch of rain, but no idea how much a meter of fabric is!  
Yes bro, it will fit in your lunchbox, don't stress!
Sewing one last block (15" square) took no time at all.  
My new found love of webbing the top together also makes sewing the top together quick.
Modern Plus Quilt (no pattern, inspired by many seen online) 60 x 60"
Happy quilting Sue.

Maple leaf log cabin flimsy finish...eventually

Light bulb moment realisation that I had all the blocks made for a whole quilt stashed somewhere in the house.  Found it and laid it all out....but I was one block short :( 
Drats! I am in the mood to sew a quilt top together.  Only solution is to make it narrower by one block and add a row instead.  Started webbing top together - and realised one block in the last row had came unpinned.  Stopped, pulled it all up from back of sewing machine (where it was sliding down as I sewed) laid it out on the floor.  Crawled around on the floor...found missing block...YIKES there's another block - the original missing block, PLUS an incomplete block.  Sigh. :(
Persistence is something I preach to the kids!  Ignoring the now extra blocks, I kept sewing!
Ta da!  Finished quilt top - little bit longer, not as wide, but most importantly its finished!
I will take a flimsy finish any day!  It might be a fall quilt finish in Spring, but who cares!  
I had a good rummage through the stash, but there is no suitable backings for this quilt, so putting it aside til I can go shopping. 
Pattern is called Scattered Leaves by Pam Burda, published in American Patchwork and Quilting October 2009, finished at 53 x 80".
Happy quilting Sue.
PS.  Stop Press - I just realised the pattern calls for a border.  I will contemplate that when I see what suitable fabrics the shop has to offer!  

Autumn log cabin flimsy finish

I have way more UFO's then I want to admit too!  Luckily I seem to have found the motivation to tackle a few.
I had to find a project to take to sit and sew and stuffed a collection of 2.5" cut log cabin blocks in at the last minute.  Does anyone else do this...take multiple projects and then work on the one you packed "just in case you ran out of work"!  Like that ever happened to me...never, ever!  LOL!
When I opened the project box I found three centres all ready cut, so went ahead and finished making them into blocks.  Then miracles of miracles, that was the perfect number of blocks needed to finish the quilt at a good size 4 x 5 blocks = 48 x 60"!  Even better was the fact I had time to get top sewn together!

So another backing to find and maybe a border?  Not sure if I love this size or not.  Will all depend on whats in the stash. If the stash is found wanting, then it will depend on what suitable yardage I can find in a bargain bin at the nearest quilt shop!  
Happy quilting Sue.
PS I can see one fabric that should have been in the dark pile, but not changing it!

Warm Regards progress

I dragged out the basket with Warm Regards and started by trimming one of the four corner appliqued blocks.  Then sewed the Italian cross blocks around it.
I did another corner section,  and then added a row onto the section of blocks that go in between.
I managed to get all the sides completed in one afternoon, which was good going as I had two lots of visitors.  I was short about seven Italian cross blocks and my mother's arrival was a big help, as she helped me with the final colour layout and choosing colours for the last blocks.  
The next step is to trim back the centre applique panel which is 20.5" square.  Unfortunately I cut the background slightly larger, but it hasn't shrunk at all, despite all the applique.  And when I drew a line as to where I had to trim back to, and another line for the seam allowance it was very evident that I was going to loose lots of appliqued leaves :(
SEW there is lots of unpicking and resewing that needs to occur next...needless to say, the centre panel is back in its basket, waiting for another day when I have the time and patience!
Dont worry I am keen to move this project along.  I have given away quilts lately to family members and my much loved aunt choose the only quilt I had finished this year.  Its new home is on the opposite side of the country (henced too far for it be safely returned for next years guild exhibition), so I need to get another finish in, so I have something to show!
Happy quilting Sue.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

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