Impulse shopping and Wooly Basket progress

In order to continue stitching this block from my Woolly Baskets I needed another skein of brown thread.
That lead to the purchase of this magazine....with the oh so tempting scrappy pencil quilt on the front cover!
Which was quickly followed by a trip down the sale isle to see what bargins were lurking on the shelves.... 
This was just too cute to leave behind but I dont need any more cot quilt panels!

Yet two came home with was an expensive trip for one skein of thread!
But it resulted in some stitching progress...
 Blocks six - finished!
 Block 9 - finished!
I have started prepping the two outstanding blocks (1 and 12).  Spring is proving to be wet, windy and winter like, with occasional days of sunshine.  So I  am trying to get this finished, while warm wool is still on my mind!
Happy quilting Sue.

Stitching at Quilters Harvest

I have been stalking my next Kim Diehl book online and decided I would go for her new book, Simple Christmas Tidings.  But wanted to support my local quilt I asked Quilters Harvest to put a copy aside for me.  No point in getting this book FOR Christmas, I need it now, to make stuff!
It is full of good projects, but I cannot get distracted yet, I have to finish some of the things I started with Quilters Harvest Spring Sewing day!
 A day out with Lisa, meeting up with friends (new and old) at Quilters Harvest in Warracknabeal, is just what I needed!  The spring sewing day started out with a small gift, a lovely coffee mug, which I used all day!
 There was the usual goodie bag full of new patterns, all very stitchery focused.  I started off with this pattern, by Melissa Grant of One Day in May.  Can you see the tiny orange is double sided fused - totally raw edge, only held down by a few embroidery stitches in the center.
I did not think to take a hoop, but it didnt matter.  Melissa showed us how to make the tiny blue dots, and the orange flowers.  This is the embroidery for the needle book in the pattern.  I really need a stitchery roll, which is also in the pattern, but going to try and finish the needle book first!
This project (sorry no photo of finished item) is by Lisa Cantlay of Fig n Berry Creations and is going to be pin cushion and sewing pouch. There was lots of satin stitch in this project so I had a lesson on that from the tutor.  I have never mastered satin stitch, so was thrilled to finally get my skill set up to speed there.  And she showed me out to do colonial knots - I could never follow the diagrams in books, and stuck to french knots.  But I am true convert to the colonial knot now!

And then there was some shopping, one of Melissa Grants patterns, and two by Petals and Patches designer Leanne Knell that spoke to me!  Especially Tilly the turtle!
And the final bit of shopping was the linen here, which I need for my stash, no immediate use, just had used up what I had brought a few months ago.
Last but not least, my first gift for the day was this cute little needle book, all in repro fabrics from Mandy.  Very cute and very appropriate for the day!  I tucked all my threads in it carefully before we left, so I can continue my stitching....I did manage to finish some of last years projects, so my aim is to get these two done...probably over summer when its too hot to quilt. 
Happy quilting Sue.

Bright and Breezy Windmills

 My friend Lisa had given me two English quilting magazines after she had finished reading them, assuring me they "were right up my alley" and indeed one of the patterns spoke to me instantly!
This pattern was from Pam and Nicky Lintott and called Bright and Breezy Windmills.  It was published in "Todays Quilter" issue 2.
There is nothing revolutionary about this design.  It just happens that I am trying to whittle down the collection of 2.5" strips I have in my stash.  Well that is what I did to most of my unwanted stash, I cut it up into 2.5" strips!  And as a follower of Bonnie Hunter I have been using them up gradually, when the urge strikes me to piece.
So I grabbed all the blue and orange stripes.  Then cut up a yellow piece of fabric and the background.  I thought that I would make a "trial" quilt before I embarked on this pattern in a big way.  And these blocks will make a enough for a smallish cot quilt top.  I just need to piece them together and add a couple of borders.  Not bad for a few hours of fun in the sewing room.
Happy quilting Sue. 

Red and White Dresden flimsy finish

There has been a fair bit of denial happening in my sewing room.
 Denial that I had lost my tape measure.  Denial that I would be stupid enough to leave it in a cupboard!
Denial that I had an hour in my day to sew on a border to finish this quilt.
 Sew I stopped fighting the negative thoughts and just got on with it. 
To say I am fairly happy too finish this top is an understatement.  I have had a burning desire to make a red and white Dresden quilt for a long long long time.  And finally here it is.  
Unfortunately there are two quilts ahead of it in the queue at the long arm quilters.  So until there is more cash to be had it will stay a top for awhile longer.
Still it is finished!  And I have "found" my tape measure.  So all is good in my world again.
Happy quilting Sue.  

Just a quick finish on a Kids quilt

I made a tumbler quilt in September last year from novelty fabrics.  I found the process of trying to get all the fabrics to line up the same way a bit frustrating.
Then I started using the left over tumblers as leaders and enders.  Lately I rediscovered them lurking on my sewing table, unfinished and tangled.  I sorted them out, decided on a finished row size and set to making the rows the same length.  I did not focus too much on keeping any sort of uniformity, just fun brights and novelty fabrics.  
Then made a few more rows to get it to a decent length and cut a border out of my stash of plain colours.  I tried red, but it was too overwhelmingly bright.  Dark blue (not so dark in the photo) gave your eye a rest.  Very happy to have finished a UFO flimsy (not that it is really old) and used up some more stash. 
Happy quilting Sue.  

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figure...