Cot quilt finishes

 This is the first cot quilt I made from the primary coloured fat quarter stack I purchased at a destash sale.  I am pleased I didn't add a border, there is enough fun colour happening in this quilt and its still a good size.  I quilted it myself on my domestic Bernina.  Straight lines are my standard go to quilting, especially for kids quilts where the fun fabrics need to shine.
  Machine quilting does take a toll on my right shoulder, but this wasn't too bad.  I have purchased a new (but ridiculously expensive latex) pillow, but it has helped enormously reduce pain in my shoulder, so go figure clearly it was the way I was sleeping?!  This quilt has been posted to new bub - first grandchild of good friends.   

I have actually delivered these two green chevron bordered quilts to their owners, as we were visiting their home town recently. But sadly in my rush (it was a mad week with both hubby and I away for work, so juggling kids was priority) I forgot to take finished photos.  These two pictured waiting for binding stitched down were delivered to my husbands cousins new babies....well one is nine months and the other two months old!
BUT I do have photos of tops when completed, so that will have to be substitute. 
Happy quilting Sue.

Modern plus quilt is finished

Ta da, a finish! The simple plus sign pattern I worked out with help of my expert quilting friend and quilt shop owner, Ann from Periwinkle Patchwork. Ann has lovely fresh modern prints and colours in her shop, which I love, but don't have in my stash - because I am a reproduction kinda girl!
Having said that I really enjoyed these fabrics, especially the neutrals, when making this quilt.  The only hiccup was the binding. I purchased a stripe, but it ran across the fabric and I didnt think to cut it length ways :(  Still it added a quirky element to the quilt?!!
A close up of the quilting pattern, long arm quilter Vicki Jenkin helped me choose...which I love!

The backing, a Jodie Carlton fabric, seagulls....colours are just perfect for this quilt.
Modern Plus Quilt 59 x 59"
Happy quilting Sue.

Warm Regards flimsy progress finally

Generally I find, there is a task as a quilter that you simply avoid doing, for me its cutting large pieces of fabric.  Or in this case, trimming back my 20" square central applique block for Warm Regards quilt.

I had procrastinated for three days....which meant that I had two cot quilts fully quilted and with binding machined on....even stitched the ends in!
But finally at the end of the weekend I just "did it!".  
Sew with a perfectly trimmed square I was able to sew on the three block deep sides, and then the longer sides with more applique and pieced blocks.
I am thrilled to finally get to this stage! The only thing delaying progress had been my fear of trimming that centre square!
However I was productive in the meantime nad have been making appliqued blocks for the final border.  I squeezed in piecing two borders before I had to stop and make tea.  The final step is to applique more berries over the joins in this borders.  I tried, but didn't quite match up all the triangles with all the block, so I might need to unpick a one or two to make them perfect.
Very excited to see this beautiful quilt nearly finished.
And the hunt for a backing fabric must commence....damn another excuse for shopping trip!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Birds n borders

One morning I went out to feed our one chook ...but while she was happily pecking at scraps in the enclosed yard,  I could hear noise in the hen house.  The only way into the hen house for this hawk is through a little he was keen to catch something, a mouse or a sparrow perhaps?
Luckily all I had to do was open the door and he flew out. The hawk was not injured, but so glad I found him when I did, as he may have done himself an injury if he had been stuck in there all day.
A few days later this little magpie turned up for some attention on our back door step.  We resisted feeding him, but could see that he has a injured foot, it is all bent backwards.  I have not seen him fly, but turns out he is self sufficient and he has been hanging around happily eating grubs and worms in our back lawn.  
Except for early one morning when my husband found him down the 1 meter deep hole dug for gazebo posts.  Luckily we own a bird net and he gave little resistance to being netted, scooped out of the hole and then untangled himself to wander off again!  He is quite calm and will let you get very close, ignoring my husband as he works in the backyard.
A friend gave me this cute little bird tin for Christmas, which has been perfect for storing my Warm Regards berries, ready to applique.
The end is in sight....this photo shows me working out which block can go next to each other (in all four borders)  as well as which flippy triangles on blocks I haven't trimmed yet.  

Rainbow stars assembled - two flimsy finishes

Its hot now and it was hot when I was on holidays and I needed to sew!  Rummaging around in my stash (which is kept all over the house) looking for my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks, which I haven't worked on in months! :(  For January, red was the designated colour and I could not get motivated - which is odd as I love red!
But all of these beautiful colours are calling me - and there are so many 8" star blocks I figure I am done with making more of these  and should just put them together.  Easier said then done, as I have more of one colour then others.  Which makes a diagonal layout a better choice then rows and I am thrilled with the finished size 56" x 56" which is a row longer then I expected - just enough of the bright colours to keep this beauty sparkling!
WOW I am in LOVE with this quilt!  Yep need to make another one!  Perhaps I am not done with these star blocks at all!
OK perhaps that pattern is just not going to work for me again right NOW as I have used all the good colours up like, orange and lime green ;(
So I pull out all the pink (because for some reason I have a whole lotta pink) stars and then decide its time to put my RSC four patches to work also.  I really tried to make a chain block work in between the stars but I didn't have enough of one colour.
So I went with this layout in yellow and aqua/pale blue.  
A perfect border print found during my day trip to Warrnambool at Periwinkle Patchwork finishes off this cute cot quilt.  
Happy quilting Sue.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

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