Show and tell catch up

So while I have been off line I have been busy with Christmas; decorating, present buy and wrapping, cooking and socialising.  However I have fitted in some stitching.  This is what I have done with my Indigo Crossing layer cake and my Lil Twister ruler.  Sorry that its side ways, but looks the same the right way up!  I have been to the shop twice and twice forgot to take the top with me to get border fabric!
There is some wastage or left overs when you are cutting the twister blocks, but rather then cut them down too small (they are on the bias) I trimmed them to 4' squares and made a table runner.  Just a top at this stage - sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  This is going to be my winter table runner, so not in any hurry to finish it.
Here is the finished Christmas table runner I did want to complete.  I am so pleased with it that I think I will make another one next year, but not as long.  Here it is in the family room, decorating the wine rack...I took the nativity scene off so you could see my echo quilting, but it is forming a nice part of my Christmas decorating. 

 So with all this piecing I have managed to complete more leaders and enders spool blocks.  I counted them (just over 100) and then arranged them on the floor. 
I have calculated that I really need about 400 to make a decent sized quilt.  I am not interested in sashing them, this project is to simply use up scraps, but I might add a border to finish them off. 
 This bag is nearly complete.  I do think patterns need disclaimers though, so you know in advance when purchasing them that there is hand stitching involved...especially as I went out of my way to skip the embroidery and machine stitched the Dresden plates...only to find out that the "bottom" of the bag needs to be hand stitched on- through two layers of wadding..not impressed, this could well become another UFO!
 These cute fabric books were panels that I brought at the SA guilds show in November.  I am really pleased with how quick and easy they were to make up.  I have already given the Christmas story book away as a gift.

So that's my show and tell!  Thanks for coming, happy quilting, Sue SA.

Posting a degree

These little pot holder friends are only a few of the flock that I started to make some time ago.  I finished them recently, not knowing who would receive them, but their numbers were right and the staff at DS2 Kinder all scored one for Christmas.  Ironically they were red, green and yellow - ideal colours for Christmas!
I also could not resist the lure of the blue and white layer cake - Moda's Indigo Crossing.  This is the start of what I made.  I am further along than this now, but the 3rd issue I have faced with technology has been the loss of software to download photos off my camera...the first being blogger refusing to load pictures (still haven't resolved that issue, just using Picasa and it lets far) and the second was that my PC lost Internet connection....I must have gremlins in the house!
But as you can see I have made good use of Picasa watermark option...when they make it easy I can do it!  Now off see if I have accidentally loaded ALL my families photos on the world wide web or just these two!  Happy quilting Sue SA. PS...I have missed show and tell with you all and lots more to come!

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figure...