Sewing in Dunkeld part 4

When I arrived at camp (not having been last year) there was a bit of chat about "I hope the lady with "down the rabbit hole quilt" is back!  And she was...with the stunning quilt and on a mission to attach the binding.  I think this is a Sarah Fielkes pattern.  I think I will be forever remembered as a quilter who sewed her instructions to her bag!
Which is what happens when your tired and sewing after a glass of wine!  However the bag did get finished ;)
Just magnificent!
This clamshell quilt was only a few rows when she arrived and was finished in the weekend.  Cut out using templates (my pet dislike) it was all machine pieced.  I was in awe at the speed and the thought of the dent this quilt could put in my scrap collection.  
Now I have been cured of my fear of sewing curves, I might aim to tackle this quilt ....on the proviso  I can get a Go clamshell die to make the cutting easy!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. We all have a claim to fame. Glad you got your bag sewn.

  2. All three of those quilts are beautiful, and your bag looks very nice too. ---"Love"

  3. Incredible designs!
    And that is pretty funny about sewing the instructions to the bag. At least you would know where to look when you wanted the pattern to make another. :)

  4. Always great inspiration going to a quilt retreat.......beautiful quilts


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