Sewing in Dunkeld part 2

Anne also made this quilt, which I am sure is called Periwinkle block.  But this is not Ann who owns Periwinkle Patchwork!
I think this is Yvonnes quilt but my memory is not reliable!  However I am 100% sure she made the top that weekend.
More lovely quilt tops - this one is all the old world romantic florals.
Baby quilt that was made over the weekend. 
Bedford Mystery quilt - some South Australians will recognize this quilt, as was a fundraising kit, but was extended by her own personal stash/scraps.
And a beautiful octopus crochet for premie babies to grasp instead of pulling out their tubes.
Happy quilting Sue.

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  1. Looks like it was a very productive retreat. Sweet idea about the octopus.


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