Antique mini quilt, pattern by Ann Hermes

After a lot of searching on my blog I found a single  image of this mini quilt, which I apparently started in March 2017.  I don't know how long it took to put the border on, but I am sure that it was the border that was the reason it spent two years in the naughty corner!
I like things to be symmetrical and I just had to accept this was not going to happen with these tiny pieces.  The important thing is the quilt is  now completed (after pulling the house apart to find a matching scrap of blue for the binding) and I am happy!  Because it is blue and white all is forgiven :).  This mini will appear on my lounge room wall after our exhibition in late May....something else will have to come down, but its time for a change!
Pattern by Ann Hermes based on an antique quilt, published in American  Patchwork and Quilting magazine February 2011, finished size 17" x 17".
Happy quilting Sue.  


  1. Fabulous. The zig zag border is fun. And yes, any design good or bad can look good in blue and white.

  2. That pattern is a bit complicated, but you did a great job on it. Don't ever forget: "Finished is better than perfect!" ---"Love"

  3. What a lovely little quilt. That border gives a lot of visual interest, and I love the blue/white palette.

  4. I like the zig-zag border! It gives it a lovely antique look.

  5. Well done for a finish, sometimes we have to accept that finished is better than perfect, but like you I like things symetrical too. Would it have worked putting corner blocks in the border??


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