New bag - for all occasions!

Good quilty friend Lisa gifted me with the Noodlehead pattern, Makers Tote.  We had been shopping together in and purchased the fabric, all that remained was to schedule a day to start sewing!  Sometimes the scheduling is the hardest bit LOL!
Lisa didnt need to tell me twice when she found this cute apple and pear print - it was coming home with me!  This side of the bag was no problem.
This was my first time making one of these inserted pockets and it was great to have Lisa to guide me.  The pattern instructions were fine, just helped to have someone on hand to answer my questions and reassure me I was on the right track! 
The pockets inside the bag were no issue, but sewing the binding on to finish the bag and the handles was tricky.  This is mainly because of the density of the bag wadding I used.  I am happy with how well the bag sits, but Lisa used a foam, and I think the softer wadding would have resulted in less broken needles!
Still very pleased and the bag is will fit lots of projects/shopping ;)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Perfect for your next shopping trip! Looks great.

  2. It looks like a great bag, and you did a good job. Can one ever have too many bags? And bags with pockets are even better. :)

  3. I am bag making challenged so I applaud you for your incredible success.

  4. That's a wonderful book. It's one you'll never get tired of looking at. What a perfect find for the border of your snowball quilt. It picks up the colors in the blocks.


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