Wacky summer sewing

I am enjoying summer holidays with the kids and to keep them entertained I bought some grey fabric and zippers to make a shark pencil case I pinned ages ago by Patchwork Posse .  DS2 enjoyed cutting with my scissors and the straight sewing, but in the end Lego was more exciting and he disappeared when it all got tricky...which was lucky as I was mumbling unlady like words, as I inserted the zip.  I wont be making another one in a hurry so was pleased DS1 wasn't interested!
I started to clean up in my sewing area and unearthed a pattern for a pieced pineapple block that Lisa had given me.  We were out sewing for the day and the cutting instructions were a bit wrong, so it got dumped in favour of something else.  But I just needed my pre cut bin of 2.5" squares and pre stitched half square triangles - and of course they were on hand now!
I already have a watermelon table runner, so a pineapple table runner was perfect for a new summer look!   Simple Love Quilts and Jackie Padesky Quilts created this pattern.
Lisa gifted me that cute caravan, I couldn't resist including it...along with some favorite cherry fabric.  And the best bit is this all came out of the stash!
In the "clean up" that became a sewing session I found the missing page of instructions on how to make thee flowers for my Scrappy Sprouts quilt.  
I decided to just get stuck into those curves and they turned out just fine!  So I must be cured of my curve piecing fear, thanks Ann!
Now I just have to finish hand sewing the tops of the flower and this UFO is back on the top of the pile....I think that qualifies it as an upgrade to WIP!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your summer sewing is super cute! The shark case is perfect for your son. Fun that he wanted to help out for a bit. Pineapples are lovely for a summer tablescape. Looks like your sewing area clean-up was a good thing! Keep going.

  2. The shark case is very clever--love that the zipper forms the teeth--but it does appear a bit complex.
    The pineapple runner is very fresh and tropical looking. Makes me want to go finish the fresh pineapple that is left in the fridge. : )

  3. Oh that shark is kind of cute......and very clever. These projects always seem like a good idea at the start, until you've been abandoned!

  4. The shark pencil case looks great. Someone will have a lot of fun with it. Fun pineapples and well done with the curves.


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