An organiser to get me organised!

There are just too many free tutorials and not enough days in the week!  I have decided to stop pinning so much stuff and start making instead!  So here is another great pattern, free that I had pinned and now made, yeah!   Only another 14,273 to go!
Called the Constance Organiser this free tutorial is by Bethany Herwegh  who blogs at The Glamorous Housewife.  

I thought it was easy to make until it came to the sewing together.  My main mistake was putting the catch on the wrong side - which added to the bulk, from all the pocket layers.  My Mum immediately pointed out that it would have been easier still to divert from the pattern and sew the tab into the seam.  So next time (if there is a next time) I would do that for sure.  Still I bent a needle when I was top stitching it, so I am wondering if next time I would quilt the exterior instead, add some template plastic in between to make it a bit stiffer again and then bind it.  Just a though.
All the fabric came out of my stash so it was good to finally use this quirky stamp print, which I had stuck in the ugly category up until now.  Its funny to finally use it, but it was a great decision because I got to use snippets of other fabrics I love, but have not made it to the cutting mat for the longest time!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Well done, another finish, good start to the year for you!

  2. You're right, we need to stop looking and get making. Well done.

  3. Great to use up scraps and try something different. The organiser will be very useful.

  4. I really like the stamp print. I used to help my daughters collect stamps. : )
    Had to laugh at your statement about pinning stuff. I try really hard to avoid looking for things to pin or I would have the same problem!


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