Draw string bag

While I was making my Ellie Travel Case the other day, Lisa was making some drawstring bags.  I couldn't resist and found the free tutorial (lined-drawstring-bag-tutorial) she used by Jeni Baker (who blogs under In Colour Order) and made one for myself.  
When I was rummaging through my stashing, I found a large piece of this cute lingerie fabric.  I also found the lining and accent fabric in my stash.  There was no suitable ribbon long enough in my stash so I just followed her super easy instructions to make a matching drawstring.   
This bag is a great size for my lingerie when travelling.    I dont need more then one, so going to have to either make some as gifts or find another great pattern for this quirky cute  print...there is plenty leftovers!  
Happy Quilting Sue


  1. Your travel case looks fabulous. The drawstring bag is cute and functional and would make a lovely little gift. Thanks for the link.

  2. I was thinking you meant that you don't need more than one underwear?? and then I realised you meant bag!! Good job.

  3. That's super cute fabric for a super cute bag. Thanks for the link.

  4. What a fun idea for a lingerie bag. It makes me smile--very cute. : )


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