Happy Mothers Day

In the words of my six year old, I am a good Mum because...
Sew glad he has me pegged as having a high IQ!! ;)  

 But Mr 6 choose this beautiful floral arrangement, so you can see he has good taste.
picked out this fabulous lamp (with a daylight bulb) for me...love, love, love it...now I can sew at night or on grey days like today!
 Mr 6 in his newly finished art smock....made yesterday with the help of my Mum.
Mr 8 in his art smock...why they have both become camera shy I don't know!
And my friend Lisa's gorgeous blocks, from a block swap....in shades of teal and green with low volume backgrounds....I was very tempted to steal these yesterday....but she has promised to send me the link...its a free pattern, I cannot wait!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. how beautiful is that............have a great day

  2. What your six year old wrote stole my heart. It doesn't get better than that. Have a lovely day with the people who love you the most.

  3. Oh how cute. Make sure you keep that! Very good that he notices that you peg the washing out! Great blocks, love the low volume background.

  4. Hope you've had a lovely day!

  5. Your kids are cracking me up...hope your Mother's Day was as fabulous as the people you spent it with.

  6. Heres the link to that block pattern. Its part of a year long series of patterns for a Bee, being run by Alice at Blossom Hearts Quilts http://www.blossomheartquilts.com/2015/01/bee-hive-tic-tac-toe/ . Your a lucky lady having such thoughtful boys. Love the lamp, just what you wanted.


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