Two new projects commenced and one flimsy finish!

I need new projects like a hole in the head, but here we are!
The mini bears paw that has been on my wish list.  I am calling it a mini bears paw, but it has just occurred to me that the pattern is not titled that and it might not be that block.  Still it was a pattern I wanted to make.  Now just contemplating if I will take out that yellow, as the pattern calls for medium and dark prints...not sure what I was thinking adding yellow!
This is another new project, but not for that makes it OK?!.
This fabric has been in my stash for a long time (red and diggers), it was picked out by DS1 who had reluctantly come with me to the patchwork shop (eg you come to Hettie's Patch with me, then I will take you to your favorite shop!) at the time.  It is such a large print I never got around to finding a good pattern to fit.  This pattern is an oldie but goodie, from one of Ursula Reikes book of cot quilts.
It would have been cheaper to buy him a new box of Lego rather then let him pick out fabric!  Still this fabric is finally out of the stash and now a cute quilt top.  
Now a finish!  Well at least a flimsy finish.  
I have pieced a backing, so it is waiting to be pinned : )
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Great digger fabric. All little boys love diggers. Love your scrappy block. Are you making more? If so I'd leave the yellow in. And yes, we all have holes in our heads.

  2. I can remember doing the same thing with my boys, although they tended to go for expensive buttons rather than fabric! It's a great quilt, the red and yellow are a great choice.

  3. Great choice of fabric for that little quilt top.


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