Flowers and fruit in my stitching

I have been enjoying the new globes DH installed in the lounge room, they make it bright enough to hand sew at night with ease.  So I have a few finishes to share!
This little door hanger is by Kim Diehl from her book Simple Graces' and is called Welcome Wagon.  It is suppose to have "Welcome" embroidered onto the top, but my yo yos are too big and there wasn't room!
 I finished my appliqued Pears by Gail Pan Designs, with some echo machine quilting.  I changed the dimensions of the pattern by trimming the blocks back and making them rectangle, its now 16.5" x 19.5".  I left off the leaves on two pears on purpose.  I couldn't find a leaf colour I liked and thought it looked fine without them.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Two very fun little projects.
    I've never worked with yo-yos. They make a cute bouquet for your door.
    I think the two leafless pears make the little quilt more visually interesting. : )

  2. lovely makes.. I love that door hanger. Amazing what a difference good light makes...

  3. Your hanger looks great decorating the door. Leaving a few leaves off the pear quilt was a good design idea, something just a little different. Looks lovely.


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