Progress on new and old projects

Last weekend I got a lot of sewing time, this weekend has not been so successful.  I dragged out my scrappy four patches, which I was putting together on point.  I sewed the last row on and some narrow borders, this quilt is destine for Aussie Heroes, for a serving member of our defence forces.  I am hoping that it is only wavy because of the way it is hanging, not because of all the triangles I used to piece it, fingers crossed!
This quilt was a great learning exercise as I had a photo of a quilt in this layout from a magazine (years old) and I just winged it.  However if if has lots of whoops in it, I wont be happy when I come to quilt it!  I will have to wait until it stops raining before I can get outside and spray baste.  I also used up some of the 2.5" squares in the pre cut scrap box - that is always a bonus, but I do have another project planned for the rest!
This the last of the Maisy cot panels I brought in January.  I am wondering if I might add a border on this one and make it a bit larger?  I think there is enough of the red fabric, but I am tempted to use yellow?  We will see, it is 43 x 30 " currently so it all depends on how much fabric is in the stash.  But I do plan on buying minky for the backing.  Minky is so nice, soft and cuddly - I am not sure that I will ever view flannel with the same affection again, after being introduced to minky!

 I used minky as backing on this cot quilt (44 x44") because minky is 150cm/59" wide, as opposed to the 115cm /45 " quilting fabric....I was being lazy and didn't want to piece in a extra strip!  No,  really  I did want to try minky and this was a good opportunity.  I thought it would be harder to quilt, but it wasn't, I think I spray basted it a bit too well and I did have to push it through the machine in a couple of spots.  I have been lazy and not finished hand sewing the binding on this quilt, but will this weekend.  I have come down with a cold and my youngest son has a very croaky voice, so I think that apart from the uninviting weather outside,  I will be happy to do some mindless hand sewing in front of the TV this weekend, while I wait this cold out.  Apologies for the last photo - inside shots are necessary today!  Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. The four patch has worked well, I like the scrappiness of it. Glad you liked working with the minky, Pam has also made her 1st quilt with a minky backing and didnt find it too difficult to quilt. Glad to see your Cape Ann fabrics made up, they are so pretty. I'm off to Sunday Patchwork, hoping to make a sample block or two today for our new leaders and enders project :)

  2. You have been busy, good to be using the stash. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

  3. I have always wondered about Minky. Where do you buy yours from? I am hoping for your sake you will be able to quilt out any waviness. You will get an idea when you baste it. I had plans for this weekend to sew but sickness has put paid to that. Hopefully that means we will be all better for the upcoming long weekend.

  4. Love the scrappy goodness of the four patch - if its a bit wavy you can baste and quilt that out but honestly it looks fine to me!

    Yellow definitely for Ms. Maisie...

  5. Your gracious donation will be appreciated by a military hero. Thanks for your info working with minkie. Hope you feel better quickly.


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