Cushion, table centre or wall hanging?

 The sun was streaming into the lounge creating the perfect photo opportunity to display the quilting on my sunflowers.  The petals were going to be quilted in a more sedate style, but this fern curl (? you know the curly bits on tree ferns) just came to me as I sat down to quilt this morning.
So that just leaves the question, what do I make with them?  Two cushion covers or table centres or wall hangings or a combination?
While I am happy with them, I am giving them away (for palliative care fund raising), so just wondering which finished product will be the most attractive to potential buyers?  I am happy to hear your suggestions!

I made these two baby taggies for the gift box from left over minky  and some ribbon out of my stash.  I think I might wash them first, as the minky seems to shed fur.  I have some left overs of green minky that Mum gave me, so if I buy some more ribbon I could have both genders covered in the gift box.

Nothing else for show and tell I am afraid.  The stormy weather and grey skies have made for poor Internet access and therefore blogging difficult, so apologies for my absence.  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. i love your dresden plate sunflowers.... why not one of each... a cushion and a table topper?


  2. Definitely do cushion covers - I think your ferny curls look fantastic!

    PS- Internet here has been questionable for the last 10 days annoying!

  3. Your fern curls add so much to the blocks. Cushions sound like a good idea and I'm sure they will be bought quickly.

  4. Love how your quilting looks. Not sure about cushions, maybe wall hanging or table topper (depends how bumpy they are).

  5. Love your fern curls, you are very creative, maybe go with the cushions for resale I think.

  6. Perfect quilting design. I think maybe pillows would be popular. How was it sewing the Minky? Not sure I would be game enough to ever use it as a quilt back.
    We have had a couple of windy days but thankfully nothing too bad. No rain either but definitely wintery. Finally!


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