Monarto Zoo

A happy belated Australia Day to my fellow Aussies!  We took the opportunity of a long weekend to have a family outing at the Monarto Zoo.  Don't you just love digital cameras, you can take hundreds of pictures and don't waste any film, trying to get that perfect shot, especially of wildlife.....
like Tasmanian Devils who are desperately trying to break the Ostrich egg the keeper had given him as a special treat.  After he rolled it back and forth the glass enough times to delight the crowd, the keeper kindly broke it for him - what a snack, certainly a one egg omelet that's for sure!
 The giraffe's are my favorite.
 A baby Zebra (a filly) was born last spring.  Excuse her mothers hind quarters, but apparently Zebra's have unique butt markings, so their offspring can recognise them..yikes glad that doesn't happen with people!
The Lioness are magnificent and they kindly arranged to have their nap in front of the viewing platform, for up close and personal photo shots.
 The Rhino's also had a baby back in the spring, but at his current weigh in I don't think this cutie could be classified as little! 
Monarto Zoo also have a new baby chimp, but he was tucked up in his mothers lap and not visible enough for a picture.
I forgot to show you this completed top, a Bug in the bottle, child's quilt for my charity group Quilts from the Heart.  I cut out two bug blocks from my collection nearly a year ago, and kept one aside for a charity quilt.  However I only started this top in November and  just put the border on it this month. 
I started making this I Spy boys quilt top for Heart Kids on Saturday.  I went back through my novelty scraps and cut out cornerstones from the really little scraps.  I decided to make all the sashings blue, as the novelties were all animals and I wanted a "boys" quilt.  However I think the blue sashing with blue blocks is a bit much and I will avoid that combination again. I need to add another row to make it the right length.  I only stopped because I ran out of sashings - they all came out of my 2.5" strip collection, so will have to cut some from my stash.  I think I am going to use the bright blue (RH side of photo) as a small border - or it could just end up being binding!   
After we got home from Monarto Zoo I found time to pin, quilt and bind the Kindy Dolls Bed Quilt!  Yeah finally a finish!  Oops just realised I need a label yet.  Oh well, 95% a finish, not bad given all the new projects I have started this month...just in time as the kids go back to kindy/school tomorrow!  Sigh, back to the organised bedlam of weekly routine! ;-)
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day was had at Monarto, have never been there, although it's almost at the back door of where I grew up. (but was not there then).

  2. I LOVE Monarto Zoo. If we were like Zebras my kids would have no trouble finding me ..... just look for the largest one lol. Where did you get the bugs in a bottle pattern it looks perfect for my great nephew. I use to love school holiday and was always sad when school went back.

  3. Looks like a great day at the zoo. Who knew zebra butts were unique! Yeah so glad that it doesn't apply to us! LOL. You are a demon whipping up your charity quilts. Have you cleaned out your novelty fabrics yet?


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