2013 welcome to the new year

This is the wish list I had come up with for 2013 - it incorporates the projects I didn't make last year;
- Red and White Dresden Plate large wall hanging (for our bedroom)
- Seasonal table runners -  Autumn and Spring.  .
- House block quilt, as a miniature or dolls quilt (will attempt more of the first house blocks)
- Log cabin, as a miniature or dolls quilt
- Quilt for my father - blue blocks, blue sashing and white star cornerstones (need to find out what the name for this is, but this is the look I am after)
- Quilt for my brother - Delectable mountains, perhaps in flannel if I can find the right colours
- Zig Zag quilt

I thought that would keep me sufficiently busy, as I also have to;
- complete the Basket quilt (summer quilt for us)
- continue making the spool leader n enders blocks until I have enough for a lap quilt (300 more needed!)
- quilt the Blue and white Big Twister flimsy
- finish the purple and green Scnibbles McGuffrey flimsy
- finish the Winter table runner
- finish the All Aussie creatures great and small wall hanging (a large old UFO)
- get some help on my Eastwood challenge quilt, (the math does my head in, very old UFO)
- remaster needle turn to complete an applique cushion and the applique blocks in basket quilt

BUT because I started this post in November, I now have to confess that I got home from holidays and jumped straight on the bandwagon of...

Bonnie Hunters Scrappy Trip Around the World! 
 Truly this was on going to be on my wish list for 2013, as the box of 2.5" strips has been looking at me in the cupboard all year.  Last summer in the heat I cut a heap of partial fat quarters or scraps into strips and squares in an effort to clear "unloved" fabrics (aka been in my stash for ever) out of my draws.  Plus as a Bonnie Hunter fan I had been wanting to make one of her quilts for a long time.  I had attempted to find a pattern that used 2.5" strips a few months ago, but there are SO MANY free patterns on her website, I gave up as I kept getting distracted by other fab patterns that used a different measurement, eg 8.5" squares for Delectable mountains - which has also made its way onto 2013 wish list!

Right got to go, DH is painting in my sewing room (window trim) and I am working (paid) today!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Wow... a list of lovely quilts there to do Sue... and a great start to using up the scraps.... it is fun that there seems to be a few of us in blogland doing it and we can cheer each other on! I so love the little houses.. one day I will do them too

  2. OMG that is some list good luck with it.

  3. Love those mini house. I’ll be waiting for that finish with interest. The baskets are also very cute !

    Oh dear you’ve succumbed to the trippy block disease too. I am determined not to but its getting harder and harder seeing every one else’s piles of gorgeousness.

  4. Love your tripalong! So colourful! Love your list too. I'm going to put my list on my blog too, I need to get some stuff finished around here. I'm trying to resist the tripalong but oh it's so lovely, and I see the 'Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle' (Hadley) is making one with DS for Spotlight fabrics, and you know I have a huge hoard of these, and it looks so good, would it be too terrible if I started another new quilt? :)

  5. What a cute house and perhaps I should take up Lego burgers after what I have consumed over the Christmas break.

  6. Hi Sue... love the work you are doing there... I was wondering where you purchased your pattern of the Aussie Creatures?

  7. This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing swtor credits, aion kinah, diablo 3 paragon leveling with us your wisdom.

  8. Ha ha ha, my Eastwood is also still languishing around somewhere for exactlt the same reason - the maths just kills it for me. All the scrappy trip around the worlds look fabulous. Enjoy yourself while stitching up a storm.

  9. Hello, do you know where I could get the Millamac pattern for the All Aussie creatures great and small wall hanging you have pictured here. Iam not a quilter but aknitter and would like to make this quilt as a knitted cot blanket.

    Kind regards, Dianne


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