Wooden quilt hanger is hung

Very pleased that this lovely wooden hanger my father made me (at least a year ago) has finally got hung!  Its a small thing, but after spending weeks working at home, staring at this wall, I was determined to re hang some of my quilts and move then around - and the hanger was custom made for this wool applique hanging so it needed to happen!


  1. Looks good Sue, the hangar and the quilt. Good to get some of those jobs done that are waiting in the wings isnt it? Hope you had a good rain this week.

  2. That looks great.... lovely quilt and the hanger is just right

  3. I'm sure you will really enjoy your quilt hanger! I have a similar one (store bought, of course) that hangs in my guest room. I love changing out the quilts on it. In fact, I probably need to do that soon. Your quilt you have hanging is beautiful and a perfect fit! ---"Love"

  4. Your little basket quilt is adorable. I can imagine how pleased you must be to have that perfect hanger for it, and being able to enjoy your own handiwork along with your Father's is a big plus in my mind!

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