Midwinter Red Quilt - finished

 To make this quilt I used a Midwinter Red layer cake by Moda and used the then free Disappearing Pinwheel tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company. 
  It appears this pattern is now only available for sale via their website now, which you can find HERE.
 There was no wastage in this sew, cut, resew style pattern.  However all the bias edges end up as the blocks outside edges.  Which leads to very careful pinning to put the top together.  Stacey and I made this quilt top together at a camp June 2015.  Stacey got her top together quickly that same weekend.
It took me a lot longer, mainly because I didnt want to deal with those bias edges.  And then when I wanted to I had to go shopping for the sashing and border fabrics.
 SEW glad I took my time and find the right fabrics.  I had the quilt professionally quilted by Vicki Jenkin and love the swirl design we picked.  Vicki always does a great job and she was very nice and said my woopy corner wasn't that bad...she definitely quilted it flat, I didn't peg it on the line straight!
 Happy Quilting, Sue.


  1. Beautiful result!

    Those "easy" patterns that end up all bias edges worry me a bit. They often seem to be marketed to beginners, but never include any warnings about how the bias behaves. I fear that beginners would be completely put off by the mess they could end up with.

  2. I just LOVE this pattern and the mid winter reds.......so you only needed a layer cake for the blocks.........think I have one of those layer cakes.........

  3. I thought I had seen those quilts before, and yes, I recognised where the pic was taken! They look great. Looking forward to seeing them soon.


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