Castlemaine applique quilt show - just a snippet

Over the Labour Day weekend I drove my mother and two friends to Castlemaine for their applique quilt show.
Lots of stunning quilts, loads of onlookers and a venue with wonderful natural light - but the latter two points made for limited room to take photos of the whole quilt and not so true colours in the photos. 
This beauty, "Phebe at Myrtle Bank" (pattern by Di Ford Hall) with all the tiny pieced borders was a marvel to enjoy, but one I will not be tackling any time soon!
 A close up of the centre, all hand appliqued.
The sign said it was hand and machine stitched by Dianne Rickard.  No mention of who quilted this one.
I still cannot image cutting all those little triangles and then getting the border to fit!!

 Corliss' Baskets, pattern by Corliss Searcey (proprietor of Threadbear), stitched by Sharon Ghalayini and machine quilted by Shirley Lokys.
The lovely basket blocks make up the centre on what is a very large quilt (rest of the quilt is folded underneath itself) .  As you know I love baskets, so this is on my one day list!
I lack courage to use different colours on each petal, but admire those who can and do, because it does work!  Sometimes I guess you just need to have faith.
I had to take a photo of the quilting pattern as I loved it so much. More importantly the pattern didn't distract from the applique but enhanced the overall quilt.
 A stunning red and white quilt, "Remembering Sarah", pattern inspired by Sue Gorman, sewn by Rose Piper and long arm quilted by Palm Beach Quilting.
 The applique was button hole stitched and I just loved the circle designs on the border,which was further enhanced by the change in quilting pattern.

 One day I might find the courage to make a feathered star.
 With sweet baskets appliqued on point
 and feathery plumes.
"Miss Porters Quilt" designed  and stitched by Di Ford Hall and machine quilted by Helen Hayes.

Happy quilting Sue.


  1. beautiful work - thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for highlighting four spectacular quilts. I admire Di Ford's designs as well as Corliss S. And Sue Garman. It was interesting to see Corliss's Baskets quilted with an overall design. It looked good.

  3. Oh, all of this gorgeous applique has me feeling really inadequate! : ) Beautiful stuff!
    You know, I finally took a feathered star class a few years ago, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You can do it!

  4. Lovely applique, but all that hand stitching is not on my to-do list any time soon! I have custom quilted one of those basket quilts, not too sure about the allover quilting??

  5. I hope I get too go one day. It looks marvellous. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A feathered star is on my list of something I want to make someday,also. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration--it looks like it was a wonderful show!

  7. It was a beautiful show. We were there on the Sunday. I hope you made it to Threadbear.


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