Summer Basket Quilt - block progress

These are the basket blocks that I worked on last weekend.  I am as yet undecided on the basket handles.  They are a bit thinner then the pattern ones (which I like) but I machine stitched them on...with a straight stitch down both sides...not your standard applique method!  I ended up doing it that way as I was completely frustrated with my prior attempts.  I made just the two handles (cut on bias) and then went back to completing the basket bases, so I didn't get really wild and give up.  Some straight forward piecing soothed me, but I think I am going to ponder these a  bit longer before I tackle the next step. 

Before I could get back to the baskets I got a little distracted. Firstly it started with a small purchase, because although I don't NEED this fabric (with the writing on it), at $10 p/m it was a bargain and I WANTED it......then I WON three cute blue fat quarters - which were donated from the shop Heart and Soul Patchwork.    Let it be said that since I have been attending my local Guilds meetings I have become very lucky!  Isn't it ironic that my purchase matches my freebies?
After all that free/cheap fabric I wasn't looking for more...promise!  Then I ventured out to brave the big chain store that carry patchwork fabric (whom I normally avoid), because I wanted to buy some newspaper print fabric and some foam board to make a design board...but no I got very distracted and brought this loot instead!
I think I might just have to give in and admit that I am a country/reproduction kind of girl.  I love looking and other peoples modern fresh white and crisp colours but when I go to buy that colour palette...well I am not sure what happens but my husband and the credit card breath a sigh of relief!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Lovely fabrics, it seems ages since I bought fabric and sewed anything of my own, reckon that things are going to have to change in 2013. I am feeling the need to create for me, and not just other peoples quilts, (although this is still a great joy too).

  2. The shirtings are lovely and I will be stalking that shop to find some for myself! Your baskets are lovely, I can't remember how many you said you had to make. You are so quick with them. And lucky you winning some fat quarters. They are lovely!

  3. Your baskets are beautiful! Love the fabric you ended up coming home with :)

  4. Your basket blocks are coming along nicely and look very pretty. Great fabric purchases(and wins).


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