Opps, another top!

Double oops, where is that UFO to do list I am suppose to be sticking to!  I promise I tried, but after tearing the sewing room apart I could not find the 4 patch leaders and enders I had started.  No idea where they might be hiding.  But in the process I found the remnants of a project from last year - pink and green chevron baby quilt.  The baby quilt has been delivered - and the baby girl has safely arrived!
However the leftover fabric, or should I say the fabric that didn't make the cut (ha ha) was still in a bag along with plenty of white.  AND more importantly lots of already cut strips - 3.5" wide.  Now these were cut in error as the cot quit strips were 3" wide, but I couldn't see any point in them going to waste.  So I cut some white strips and started piecing.  And really it didn't take long to come together....and its all from my stash!  This is a good single bed size, but already I am wondering how much hassle adding another row to the width would be.  I have plenty of most of the fabrics, but not all of them.  Will see how I feel next weekend, as this week will be too busy for more sewing...kids are back at school tomorrow!  Oh my where did six weeks disappear to!
DH had a little stash project going as well today.  Using some of the excess tiles (from kitchen/family room) the previous owners kindly  left in the shed.  This our "front door", which is never ever used as a front door,  it leads straight into our lounge room.  But we hope to remedy that soon, having re done the wooden external door and surround garden, we just need a nice tiled entrance and some new carpet.
Frankly carpet shopping is boring.  You can get cream, beige, tan, latte or chocolate.  There was probably also grey, boring!  So while I am yet to make a choice DH has laid the tiles.  Grouting is next weekend!
I also finally got around to a job, that I have been putting off, for no particular reason.  Last year when I attended a class run by the South Australian Quilters Guild, they had these handy strips with just the prickly Velcro on the underneath, to reduce the trip hazard of extension cords in the classroom.  I made up two for DH to use in his home office, as the cords run right across the doorway!  I only used bright yellow because I had some scrap, that wasn't quilting quality...waste not, want not!
I hope you all had a lovely long Australia Day weekend, happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Wow, I really like your chevrons. Hubby has been very busy over the weekend too.....much better having tiles at the door.

  2. Great job - spontaneous quilts can be so much fun - this is a cute one!

  3. The Chevrons are looking fabulous...and all from stash! Great job!

    Hmnnnnn lots of house projects happening at your place too!

    Yay for the end of school holidays- I can hear parents everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief....

  4. That is a sweet quilt. What about adding a border if you want to make it bigger and don't have enough fabric. So mysterious your UFO list missing like that. Did the blog post disappear too?
    They do look like extremely nifty creations to cover cords running across the floor. Glad you didn't waste quilting cottons on making them (hahaha)


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