All that your heart desires

My brother (rightly so) thought I would enjoy this card, as I love Lego!  He didn't realise the irony of the joke though as I hire the new staff AND work at head office!  Lucky my job is not firing the staff!
For my birthday I did not dream of a miniature table top sized Sulo bin, but that is what DH brought me! He thought it would be good for all the scraps and threads I create while hand sewing (or unpicking) at night....
I didn't have the heart to tell him I had a cute fabric bin!  I just hoped that he had a better idea for Christmas...which he did!
 Ahh, dream a little dream, make a little wish and one year on it happens!  Last summer I visited the sewing machine museum in Maryborough with my mother (see this post).  But I obviously I forgot to tell DH (he was working away) that I had fallen in love with the toy sewing machines we had seen there.  So when he brought me this cute Peter Pan toy hand cranked sewing machine, made in Adelaide post WW2, he had no idea if I would like it or not!  Like it, I love it so much I cried when I opened the box!
 I was also delighted to receive these cute prints and ready made yo yos (pack of 10 in cute vintage fabric) from Lisa, some French General from my folks (to match my layer cake) and the delightful Kim Diehl book from DH and the kids.  
I have just realised that I didn't list any of the great projects in this book in my wish list of quilts to create this year.  Hmmm that is going to be problematic, as I love so many of these projects that I am going to have a hard time deciding on just one!
I hope Santa was equally good to you all and that you are stitching away with your new presents, 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Glad to see your husband redeemed himself with the toy sewing machine! Great fabrics, love the French general especially. Love the card.

  2. oh wow... what a lovely present from DH..... and I don't mean the bin!!

    Lovely fabrics and book... so much inspiration...


  3. Not sure about the bin, but your other presents were great.

  4. Your husband is a definite keeper. That machine is so cute !

  5. Hang on to that guy ... he's a keeper! Though I would question that advice if there are too many mini bins in the future!


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