We have a feathered visitor

Our yard had lots of tall, establish trees when we brought the house and a host of bird life.  This is the first owl we have seen, but I suspect he is a little bit lost and we only saw him because my husband was washing the car under this tree.  This is a juvenile Southern Boobook owl, which according to the Birds in Backyards website, is the most common owl in Australia, for more information go here.  I hope he hasn't lost his Mummy and I hope he is going to be OK in the 40C+ heat we are suffering!
 Meanwhile we were avoiding the heat and staying inside, happily playing - me on the sewing machine and my darling boys were playing African safaris again,  plotting escape routes for the zebras!  Its hard to keep a straight face when they are discussing in earnest how to outsmart the lions, those smart zebras split into two groups and crossed the river - outwitting the poor hungry lions!
 I found more pre cut squares in my stash, these are all cowboy themed.  I cut some red horse shoe print to try and pull the different colours together...I not sure I achieved my aim?  Either way a single bed size top is finished and when this is quilted it will keep a little cowboy warm.
This square quilt was made with the rest of the cowboy left over fabrics.  Karen sent me most of these fabrics a few years ago and I have been struggling to know how to put the left overs together.  In the end I made several types of blocks, which looked awful together, but somehow look better with sashing.  At 54" square I am happy with the size of this quilt and there are very few scraps remaining.  The light blue and red border fabrics I had brought myself, so there is a bit of yardage to use up in backings and that potentially will be the last of the cowboy themed fabric!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Lots of us hiding inside from the heat. At least you're being productive with your sewing, and the boys using their imaginations. I love listening to those games too.......oh so serious.

  2. i do love your owl... yes, i feel very sorry for birds and animals in the heat.... love your quilts.. I think you are very clever with the colours...

  3. You certainly are achieving a lot lately, well done, and I am so over this heat also.

  4. How cool, an owl visiting. How did you even know it was there? Yeah, that cowboy fabric is done. You did an awesome job using it up. I think any little cowboy would be happy with either of those quilts.

  5. I just love listening to children planning/plotting things like that. Somehow they always come up with simple solutions that we adults probably wouldn't have thought of. It is difficult not to laugh though!

  6. Poor little owl – he was probably completely over the heat .

    I think you nailed the cowboy top- it’s going to be a favourite for some little boy. Good job!

    Love eavesdropping on kid conversations. The way they think is so cool. Life is so uncomplicated when you are a kid. (except when you’re plotting to avoid lions)

  7. I would have loved to see that owl. Your boys are tooooo cute you have to love smart zebras.

  8. well that's an exotic bird to me, even if he/she is a common owl. we've only had maggies cooling off under our air conditioner hose, and the're definitely not exotic!


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