Red house cushion

I am really really LATE, but this my post for Friday Night With Friends to link up with Cheryl!  Hopefully next month I will be more organised!

I finished the red and white school house cushion!  It has found a home in our bedroom.
I then started making more blocks, using one solid and one print fabric.  
But I got bored!  So because I had racked up another finish I allowed myself to be totally distracted by this fantastically easy tutorial over at Seaside Stitches blog to make these cute fabric boxes!
This box is about 4" and was very quick and easy to make.  You basically quilt a square, fold it into shape, sew inside corners down and then add the buttons to make the outside corners sit down.  You can see that there is a bit of bulk inside, but these extra "corners" make great scissor holders!
I was going to make another one, but thought I had better get back to my wish list and this project has been cut out and sitting in a box for some time.  I am not sure what the patterns proper name is, but I am calling it The Milky Way Quilt.
The only problem is after I made this "test" block I realised that I was suppose to add star points at BOTH ends of the sashing!  But that's OK this block can be a corner!?  I want to make a big single bed size quilt, but there is lots of chain piecing and I got bored so stopped after a few hours Sunday!  My attention span is as long as a gnats at present and with a week of 40C degrees plus starting I think I need to stop fluffing around and get stuck into it, cos sewing under the air conditioner is about all you will be able to do at that temperature!
Happy quilting, Sue SA


  1. lovely projects... I understand the getting bored side of things... that's my escuse for so many different projects...

  2. Your house blocks turned out well. Sometimes it's hard to find a project that holds your attention, especially when it's hot. That's why we do more than one at a time!

  3. I really like the look of the Milky Way quilt. I am looking forward to seeing that one. Your house cushion turned out great. How cute is your fabric box! And inbuilt scissor holder! Nice one! How big a house quilt do you want? Would a wall quilt suffice?

  4. Such cute, cute house blocks!!! And that little box is darling!! What a neat idea!! I LOVE the milky way block!! Those stars will POP in the dark colors!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  5. The milky way block is so pretty! A whole quilt is going to look amazing.

    Love those school house blocks too... I hear you on the getting bored thing. I spent what felt like hours yesterday chain piecing for the last 18 blocks of my postage stamp quilt and I'm totally over it. I think we're all cranky and flighty because its a million degrees.

  6. Love your house cushion and blocks. Pretty fabric box and Milky Way sounds like a good name for your blocks. Beautiful work.

  7. I love your house blocks and also many thanks for sharing the pattern of the little fabric box.

  8. I love the "house" blocks especially in the cushion. But your other projects are wonderful too! :)

  9. Love that pillow. The quilt behind it is pretty too.
    Such a great idea---that little box.


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