a selection of Red and white quilts

Remember I said I wanted to make a Red and White Dresden.  But I kept thinking of what do you do with white on a light background?  Well this Image from Little Bluebell blog, pattern listed as Red Daisy by Sandy Klop probably answers my question...just let the red shine!

Image from  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/128915608057045403/ it did refer to Quilts in the Barn, but I couldnt find it on her blog...but she did have more gorgous red and white quilt images! Love the geometric pattern here, but do wonder if it would bore you silly making this quilt OR if it would be a diddle and therefore a delight?
Basically I am pinching pictures from this Pinterest page, cos my previous attempts to join Pinterest failed due to my lack of IT skill or an interruption from small people - or possibly both!
Stars and four patch...be still my beating heart!
Rainbow chevron quilt in case the quilting bug bites again.....
I might just have a heart attack, antique quilt of red baskets!
Antique Red and White Basket Quilt Sawtooth Border Very Pretty | eBay, angelinrags
Image from Janet the quilters pinterest page - titled Red and White schoolhouse quilt posted by Margaret Mew at Quilt Station.Red and White schoolhouse quilt posted by Margaret Mew at Quilt Station (Australia)
And I think this is where I went wrong with my houses (apart from trying to use the "easy" or paper piecing friendly pattern rather then the traditional pattern).  Use two fabrics not three and avoid large or busy prints,( I especially dont like the stripes) but dots are fabulous!  Can you see the gorgeous vine quilting she did on these cushions!
white and red house quilted cushions
Or do I go the solid option. All the below images are from Temecula Quilt Co from their Red and White quilt show.
 Too many possibilities for future quilts!
I love baskets and four patch but stars are another favorite.  
Couldn't resist some eye candy for you!  Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Omg you've given me a heart attack too. Where to start with these beauties. That first Dresden is a serious contender for my red stash, but so is that last red star in the circle. You should definitely continue with your school house quilt armed with those new ideas. I like the one with the variety of reds, and even if you don't like the stripes, they add an extra depth to the overall look. Then you can use the reds you have rather than buying yardage of one plain red. Why am I going to work today, I want to stay home and start a red and white quilt!

  2. What a beautiful selection! I think I like the second quilt the best, which is strange for me as I don't usually like 'line' designs. The medallion style one in the last photo is lovely too. Red is the colour I have the least of in my stash. I went through a serious pink and red phase and used nearly all my reds. In fact I don't think I'm finished with that colour combination yet - just have to do some stash building. Love the baskets quilt too.

  3. Absolutely Stunning!!! I'm partial to stars, but the baskets with the nine patches is breathtaking in its simplicity!! Thanks for the eye candy!


  4. Isn't it great how diverse our opinions are, as I really like the interest that the stripes give to the school houses. And you have been busy, even if it's trying to work out where you are going to go next! Gotta have a plan. And I still haven't progressed past the quilting and the bookwork! Hanging out for a weekend retreat, Aussie day here I come!

  5. Red and White quilts are always striking no matter what pattern you use. I love them (which is why I made one myself last year!)

    Good luck with sifting through all this quilty goodness trying to decide which one you're going to make. They're all gorgeous.


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