Bargains from Hettie's Patch

 I did think I would hide my recent purchases from Hettie's Patches sale from you all, but what the heck I am amongst friends!
There are some fat quarters, some half a metre cuts and quite a few metres.  The blue polka dots had to come home, because at $10 p/m it will make the perfect border and backing fabric for some more kids charity quilts.  Thread is essential to life (like fabric), especially when its on sale and I did not have these colours in variegated and I am thinking/hoping variegated thread will make my FMQ look better!  Dont ask why I brought a pink and blue floral, as I am not a floral person!  Perhaps a bag?
Now the purpose of buying cot quilt panels actually alluded me at the time (5 in total, 2 are the same Maisy panel that made a cot quilt HERE), however that was merely because I could smell a bargain and my brain was distracted.  I think some women have that reaction when they see shoes on sale......for me its fabric!
I have a collection of pirate fabric, so I couldn't resist this panel!  I am not sure if I am going to leave to make the quilt run sideways (do you think kids care about this stuff?) or try and add length top and bottom?
Once I got home and realised that we didn't have friends expecting babies this year, I didn't care, as I want to continue making kids charity quilts and using up my novelty stash.  In addition they will be great for practising my FMQ on!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. lovely fabrics and lots to play with... panels are a great idea for fmq practice...


  2. New fabric is always a good thing. I like the pirate panel, maybe just add enough top and bottom to square it up. I would imagine a quilt like that would be used as a play mat at times too. That last panel is really cute.

  3. Don't hide it, the fabric is goegeous and love the panels.

  4. Lovely finds...Im a big fan of variegated thread so those quite took my fancy !

  5. Fabric purchases are ALWaYs better when shared with
    And "babies/kids" just like the colours... so square it up and use it as a floor play rug as they are REALLY useful! Thanks for joining in FNWF... :)

  6. Getting a bargain on fabrics gives me a rush too. I adore the red star print. Do you have any plans for that?
    I think panels are a great way to get some size into your charity quilts. For the pirate panel I would add to the top and bottom. When you get the bottom panel into a quilt you could practice your FMQ around the various shapes.

  7. They are great panels, I'm sure that the kids wouldn't be to fussed.


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