Terra Australis

 Before Christmas I recieved some lovely prints (six prints from the Waratah on the right) from the Terra Australis range by Emma Jean Jansen from my friend Lisa.
I added some Moda solids to that collection on Friday at my local quilt shop - in a soft grey lavender, hot pink, orange (!) and lime green.  And for some reason the crazy chevron print at the front.  Using solids is enough to melt my brain but this print was "out there" for me!
  Of course Saturday when I popped into Hetties Patch, what was in the front window...Terra Australis!
So I added the four prints above the solid lime green.  
I vote to ditch the chevron and the orange...what do you think, am I being to conservative?
I used my new fabrics to make this!  My first block in the Stitchery dickory dock Sugar Block BOM I am happy with the way it turned out.  But as usual it was a tad smaller then the required size!  I really need to work on my 1/4" seam allowance, either that or start cutting a tad fatter?
 SEW I finally started a red and white school house block.  I made the one in the bottom left first.  Thought it was nice and proceeded to make another three.  And I don't really like them!  Not sure why, just not overly keen enough to proceed with a whole quilt.  So I think these are going to become a cushion that will match my red and white bedroom.  And perhaps I will try again, but in solids?  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. I really can't comment on your bright fabrics.....way too out there for me. But the houses are a different story. I really like the bottom two, although all the fabrics are yummy. I think with the school house you have to commit to dark on light, or light on dark, the beauty is in the repetition of that pattern. I think you were right on track with the first one.

  2. I love the Terra Australia fabrics. You are so lucky to have a shop stock them that is near you. I really think they will be finding a way into my stash at some point. I just adore your first block. I can't wait to get home from holidays and start thinking and playing with fabrics. I definitely think there will be a spot in my block.
    Have you tried putting a solid sashing around your house blocks? That may help, or not. Great idea to make some up in solids and see what you think after. What about using just 2 fabrics for the house blocks? I know you will find a solution that you are happy with.

  3. You could be daring and use the chevron fabric, has the same colourings as the rest!! Come on, move out of your comfort zone?? (Says me, who probably wouldn't be as brave either!)

  4. I can't believe you've started using your Terra fabrics so quickly! Love the idea of a sampler quilt made of them. Glad you can get more easily too haha!

    I'm not sure I like the crazy chevron fabric with them - I think it's a little too wild. Would make a fabulous fussy cut dresden though! I like your houses, perhaps some solids as well as some of your patterned fabrics would show the fabrics up better? I can't believe you are considering just using solids only for them. Time to sew outside your comfort zone :)

  5. I think the chevron would make a fabulous binding as it has all the colours that you are planning to use for the blocks. Looking at the houses, I think maybe there isn't enough contrast between the lights and darks sometimes. The first one you did is perfect though in my opinion.

  6. Im wondering if the chevron is a tad too busy for these blocks, but its your call...maybe make one up and see how it looks?

    All your houses look gorgeous...but a cushion it is ! At least you hadnt made 30 of them before you decided you didnt love it.


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