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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spring Workshop in Warracknabeal

On Saturday I spent the day stitching in Warracknabeal at the Harvest Quilters Vintage Retreat.
The tutors were (from left) Marg Low, Shelley Kelly, Leonie Bateman and we were hosted by the Quilters Harvest owners, Dell and Shirley.
I started this wool applique door stop, by Leonie Bateman.
 I don't own a light box, so I made use of the numerous light boxes available to participants to trace off this stitchery by Marg Low.
I stitched tiny hexies and started the applique for a sweet needle roll, by Shelley Kelly, which is in the bottom middle of the below photo, which shows all the finished patterns we got in our goodie bag.  
I fell in love with applique all over again.  Shelley showed me how to needle turn, so I thought it only fair I brought one of her beautiful is this pillow!
Shelley does wonderful work, this is her naive tulip quilt.
 But her miniatures in reproduction fabrics were just stunning.  I would love to do a class with her, but Shelley lives over near Albury/Wodonga, it's at least a five hour drive!
 Log Cabin miniature by Shelley Kelly. Hand sewn and quilted.
 Lone Star by Shelley Kelly.  Machine pieced, hand quilted.
 Gather your Baskets by Shelley Kelly, I had to have a picture of it, as I love basket quilts so much!
Brookfield by Leonie Bateman..  The baskets and top border are all wool and appliqued on.  Leonie loves hand applique and helped me improve my blanket stitch.  As well as demonstrated her technique for preparing wool work, which was very helpful as she uses woven wool which is too thick for fuse web.
Last but not least a stunning red and white quilt by Marg Low, Sarah's Sampler (1855).  This was available as a pattern and I was very tempted, but thought I am going to be busy enough making all the lovely patterns I had in my goody bag. 
It was lovely day out, with lovely friends.....and I came home to a roast dinner and three happy chappies cos their footy team won, yeah!
Happy quilting Sue.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Works in progress are slowly moving foward

This is a table runner l started and finished without showing you progress, to use up some left over charm squares.
I have been working on my Scrappy sprouts and got them all pieced into rows.
Sew now to make some flowers for the top of the plants!
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Modern Curved Ruler Workshop

My friend and owner of Periwinkle Patchwork Ann, came up for a weekend to teach us how to use the modern curved ruler.  Now you have to appreciate that I always avoid curved piecing, so I made these pieces, with fifteen years experience as a quilter BUT with NO previous curved piecing experience.
On the Saturday we all made this table runner to practise the technique.  I don't think it went too badly, certainly the cutting was a bit trickier to get use to them the piecing.  And the bonus is no borders!  Well that's my take on modern pieces, I feel quite liberated not having to add borders!
On Sunday we were free to make other patterns with Ann's help, and many of the ladies had started quilt blocks using the ruler. I was sharing a ruler with Mum (my error didn't tell Ann to bring enough rulers) AND talking too much, so just stuck with making a second table runner.  I think it turned out well enough, but this "flower" pattern was a bit trickier.  
So when I browsed the patterns Ann had for sale, I chose this "Urban Abacus" by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  Ann had a sample made up with a gorgeous raspberry background and colorful fun prints, it was so pretty and a great way to showcase a range of fabrics, such as a layer cake.
 Ann is an awesome teacher and everyone said what a fun workshop it was!  And I conquered my fears of curves!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Work in Progress, Churn dash wall hanging

So this wall hanging, was waiting on a border.  
Then when I found a piece of fabric that suited it...that was large enough, we (Lisa and I) decided that another border of flying geese was a good idea.
But then I ran out of raspberry toned prints. 
Why of why do I only buy small pieces of reproduction fabrics??!  
So we went on a road trip to buy more fabric!
Disclaimer: The brown leaf print is just because and the brown stripe is the background I need to finish the Dresden's. ; )
Happy quilting Sue

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Colourful Tumblers

I started a kids tumbler quilt at camp in August.
I thought it would be a good way to use up some novelty fabric scraps.  And it turns out also some bright scraps.  Unfortunately the bright green border only stretched to two sides, but I kind of like it like this.
I was thinking of snuggle factor (and finances) when I decided to back it with flannel - which was cheaper the cotton!  Then I decided to use cotton wadding, when I usually use wool/poly.  It was so easy to quilt and to pin with the cotton wadding I think I am a convert.
So here it is finished with a pop of orange binding!
It was such a easy quilt to quilt, due to the lovely cotton wadding (sticks to your fabrics and did not shift as much as wool) and the tumblers were the perfect shape to stitch in the ditch, without needing to quilt the centres.
I have lots more novelty scraps to use up, so going to make another one, but perhaps with a more colour co-ordinated look, I will see what happens ; )
Happy quilting Sue

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Two new projects commenced and one flimsy finish!

I need new projects like a hole in the head, but here we are!
The mini bears paw that has been on my wish list.  I am calling it a mini bears paw, but it has just occurred to me that the pattern is not titled that and it might not be that block.  Still it was a pattern I wanted to make.  Now just contemplating if I will take out that yellow, as the pattern calls for medium and dark prints...not sure what I was thinking adding yellow!
This is another new project, but not for that makes it OK?!.
This fabric has been in my stash for a long time (red and diggers), it was picked out by DS1 who had reluctantly come with me to the patchwork shop (eg you come to Hettie's Patch with me, then I will take you to your favorite shop!) at the time.  It is such a large print I never got around to finding a good pattern to fit.  This pattern is an oldie but goodie, from one of Ursula Reikes book of cot quilts.
It would have been cheaper to buy him a new box of Lego rather then let him pick out fabric!  Still this fabric is finally out of the stash and now a cute quilt top.  
Now a finish!  Well at least a flimsy finish.  
I have pieced a backing, so it is waiting to be pinned : )
Happy quilting Sue.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spring has sprung some beautiful fabric

Spring has sprung in my garden.  
And some new beautiful fabric has sprung up in my sewing room.
  The dainty sweet purple and white alyssum flowers are very pretty.
These array of browns and purples are calling my name.  It's not a combination I have used before, but it suddenly makes total sense.
 Grape hyacinths are a favorite of mine, for that true blue colour.
 And now I have a whole lot more blue fabric to play with, so many I am not sure where to start!
I have always preferred pink to red flowers in the garden, but these long floral spikes on the Hakea shrubs are new to me and I am a happy convert.
 Red fabric on the other hand has always been a favorite of mine, and reproduction red is no exception.  There are plans afoot for these gorgeous beauties.
 I have no idea what this flower is, but I love its cheery orange/yellow petals against the different greens.
 And funnily enough I now have some pretty fabric that matches:)
 A true sign of spring is seeing the daffodils bloom.
 A true friend is someone who GIVES you her stash of reproduction fabrics.
What could I say, my reaction was a bit understated, I am claiming shock!  
Thank you Lisa, your generosity has made my fabric collection bulge at the seams, my creative energy flow and my heart sing!
I didn't quite roll around the floor amongst my new collection, but I have been lovingly petting it, rearranging it, playing with combinations and looking at new pattern ideas... a lot!
Happy quilting Sue.