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Friday, July 22, 2016

A snippet of wool

I have been following various bloggers who have been appliqueing Little Wooly Basket Blocks, as part of a free BOM by Dawn Heese who blogs at Linen Closet Quilts.  I had gone so far as printing off the patterns but they had been collecting dust in my sewing nook for some time now.
Block 4 - Tulips
Fast forward to panic stations prior to going to Portland for a sewing weekend.  I searched the house from top to bottom for my wool stash.  I knew it wasn't very big, but it was disappointingly small when I found it!  For some reason I thought I had lots of colours and I don't :(
Block 8 - Chives
So while we were visiting  Periwinkle Patchwork in Warrnambool I brought some more wool so I could start my blocks.  And more importantly I brought some gorgeous linen to stitch them onto. And then I didn't touch anything for a few weeks!  However as the weather declines into chilly and wet, I have been busy tracing patterns, choosing colours and stitching in front of the TV.
Block 7 - Cone flowers
Block 2
So now I have three blocks made and another three traced out.  This block is being held up by my lack of satisfaction with the colour and size of the leaves - I will either make the leaves larger or a different colour, so they stand out more.
I might go shopping for more wool!  A girl needs a decent sized wool stash...well this wet windy winter I do at least!
Hope your surviving the start of the snow season in front of a heating source of some sort and with some form of stitching, 
Happy quilting Sue.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Brrr its cold inside!

Poor Tiger, 
he is very cold, despite having a lovely new hot pink mattress and pillow!
So he tried out a lovely scrappy chevron doll quilt, hmm that is warmer.
But this winter has been very cold in Western Victoria and a second quilt was required to keep tiger warm on those frosty nights!
As much as Tiger liked the Ohio Star quilt, he decided it wasn't suitable to go to the snow for the weekend.
So a Tiger sized sleeping bag was whipped up.  All out of the ever dwindling collection of pink in my stash!  Luckily there was just enough of the pink spot in the scrap binding collection.
Unfortunately for Tiger, all of the new bedding was posted off to keep the teddies and dolls warm that belong to a little girl in Adelaide South Australia.  
So he had to go back to sharing a big bed with my "little" boy ;) 
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Piecing in Portland 5

Another UFO that has been sitting in a box waiting for attention.  Really all I did was sew four seams and this was a finished top!  But I had been deliberating about offsetting the rows.  In the end we decided the straight setting was perfect. 
This is a big quilt.  Too big (and white) to take out into the winter wind on the rocks.  And so big it drapes nicely over the bed, but not so great for photos. 
 I might have finished this quilt top and found yet another perfectly matching backing for my quilt!  
(I tell you Widebacks has a great range!)
BUT this one is going to sit awhile before I come to a decision about how to ask the long armer to quilt it...and find the money!
This neglected wall hanging got dragged to Portland.  I loved the pattern but didn't read it before hand and just assumed it was a little wallhanging.  But it is not.  So the temptation to make it bigger, eg lap size was great.
Vicki helped me with the maths to get the Raspberry flying geese to work.  I had cut them all out with the Go cutter, so I was sure they were correct.  But let me assure you I spent a lot of time unpicking and re sewing seams to get them to fit.  Obviously my original quarter inch seam in the first place was not true.  So after a fair bit of mucking around it all worked out just fine.
I am in love with this Raspberry shade of red.  
But this project is going back in its box for me to contemplate its future eg. does it get another border and if so is it flying geese?
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Piecing in Portland 4

In order to finished my Autumn Star quilt I needed to buy some fabric for a final border.
We had a road trip from Portland to Warrnambool to visit Ann and Barbara at Periwinkle Patchwork.
Duh, I didn't take any photos of the shop, sorry!  Hmmm, might have been because I was too busy talking!
Anyway I got this great stripe (bargain it was on sale) which was perfect for this quilt.
I managed to cut and sew on the two borders for this quilt while we were away, so it is now a finished flimsy.
Then a few days later in Adelaide (at Widebacks) I got this very appropriate fabric for a backing! 
Ann from Periwinkle pulled all the reds off the shelf from me until we settled on this lovely fabric as a border for my Red and White Dresden plate quilt.  But I haven't cut or sewed the borders yet.
However that didn't stop me buying the perfect backing at Widebacks.  This red is a Primitive Gatherings print and all the "white" prints in my Dresden plates are from a Primitive Gatherings jelly roll, so very pleased with this match.
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Piecing in Portland 3

Vicki brought new and old projects to work on.  
This is a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern using their curved ruler.
Vicki had started the wedding ring on a previously sewing weekend with us in Bordertown.  So it was very appropriate that she got to finish the top in Portland.  
Vicki continued with the curved theme and started making this modern masterpiece using her curved ruler.
Which grew from a few blocks to this!
It is as stunning as the local scenery.
Portland, Victoria, Australia.
Mum used my Go Cutter to cut the stripes for these Courthouse Steps blocks.  She has a great collection of Kaffe Fassett fabric and chose to work in this bright red tone with shades of pink and orange.  A few more new fabrics from Periwinkle Patchwork were purchased especially for this quilt, but work was slow going as you have to plan which colour is going where, so it all matches.  It is a clever pattern, but you need to have your thinking cap on when you make these blocks.   
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Piecing in Portland 2

Lisa brought new and old projects to Portland.
This quilt got way bigger then expected, but all came together on the weekend which was nice.
Lisa then worked on these blocks cut from a layer cake.
She put the borders on a quilt for her sister.
Lisa loves to make bags.  The large bag is for her tablet and the smaller a clutch purse.
She had pre cut all the pieces for these cute little fabric buckets.

And then very generously gifted us all one each.
I will always remember that Lisa gave me this cute sea gull bag on our first sewing trip to Portland!
Happy quilting Sue.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Piecing in Portland 1

When a girl goes sewing with her Mum and two friends for the weekend you know that you are going to do some serious "finish it up" sewing OR start a new project.
I opted to finish some projects....because I have more UFOs hanging around then I care to admit.  
I only started this modern quilt a few weeks ago, but I wanted a back up project that was easy.
We didn't have room for a design wall, so we had a design floor!  But realistically I just randomly pieced this and didn't not over think where the colours or prints were going.
So here it is with the borders on - a flimsy finished!  
The pattern and fabric colours are not my usual style or taste but it was fun to work outside of my comfort zone and easier then I thought.
Following our weekend of sewing I had a week away with work, which resulted in the purchase of backings.  This is the backing I choose for this quilt - which I am going to call Barcelona, after the fabric range.
Happy quilting Sue.