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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cot quilt - a lovely finish

 I am really happy with this finished quilt.
Love the simplicity of it
And I love the quirky zigzag quilting on the border.
I was disappointed to not be able to stitch down the binding, but thems the breaks.
I would rather save my arm/hand pain for something else.
Thanks Mum for coming to my rescue, so another cot quilt is finished!
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

a new beginning?

Due to the pain I am having pain in my right shoulder I have been looking to reduce activities that aggravate it.  However I had a days sewing booked in, whats a girl to do?
With minimal time to prepare, I tore through my project boxes looking for an "easy" project for the day.
Alas everything required either fabric purchases (which means a road trip) or was more complicated than I had the brain space for. 
Except for this layer cake, and length of charcoal shot cotton I had bundled together, with a pattern!
 Yep, I started a new project!  With a few turns of the Go Cutter I had my layer cake and background cut into 2.5" strips.  And then I could settle into some mindless piecing.
All that piecing resulted in all these long stripes, which I have also sewed into pairs.
That took all day, but all I have to do is sew the pairs all together and I am 3/4 finished!  
This is the free pattern I am using;
and I have pinched the photo of the finished quilt (68" x 80") by the 
designer Jo Kramer from her blog: Jo's Country Junction
A very simple strip quilt, but perfect for my days sewing as everything came out of my stash and I didn't have to think beyond sewing five different strips together.  My colours are very different from this photo, so hope to have a finished top to show you next time!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nothing to see here!

I am a bit overloaded with a head cold, paid work and volunteer tasks at present so have not achieved a lot of sewing.  Well the truth is I haven't done any!  But my darling Mum has been hard and work and finished the binding for me on this sweet citrus table runner.
I used a nice orange for the backing.  Orange is a rare fabric in my stash so I was almost a bit sad to hide it on the back.
But it did show up the quilting rather well.  Nothing terribly clever, just stitch in the ditch and more zig zag along the edges to replicate the design.
My terribly clever boys brought me a new house, a Lego house that is for Mothers Day!
We had fun making it together.  I enjoyed a cooked breakfast and the next day enjoyed a even bigger present.....a new fridge & freezer!  
It was not really my mothers day present, but I am having fun telling people that I got white goods all the same!  And it is so nice to not hear that rattle and hum all night of my old fridge as it was slowly & very loudly dying!  
Happy quilting Sue

Saturday, April 30, 2016

So you start with a pile of fabric that screams "use me!"
And you search the web looking for inspiration. 
Source: (blog by Lisa Tutman-Oglesby, pattern by Moda Bake shop).
And then you think "Oh yeah I have made this pattern before, but in blue.  Look I even quilted it myself!  
Hmmm I remember it being a bit fiddly because the pieces for the flippy triangles were little.  
I am in a hurry, I want to use up some stash and create a new quilt NOW!
Oh look the cutting sizes are bigger.
Oh, look I made a quilt top!
Autumn is the best time of the year - so I made a quilt to celebrate.
It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to use up some brown fabric, nothing at all! 
Happy quilting Sue ; )

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I have been rummaging in my stash - the old stash, which I have been whittling down over the last few years.  I am proud to say I am down to two boxes of old stash (new stash is a different story) and there is a LOT of brown in there.
I can feel a new quilt coming on ; )
But on my immediate to do list was this citrus table runner top. I found it another box, forlorn, abandoned and half finished.  So I trimmed the edges, pinned and quilted it and bingo with a few hours work it was nearly done.  Now it is sitting on top of my binding pile.  
Yep, I have a binding pile!  
 I don't usually have a binding pile.  I love binding, but lately my hands have objected (painfully) to hand stitching.  So there are a few things in the pile that I will get to, eventually, when I figure what else triggers my hand pain...and stop doing it!  I am not going to stop hand binding.
  I love hand banding : )
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring table runner

Lisa came for a cuppa and brought her new hand sewing project - Clam shells.
While were talking I dragged out this table runner I have been working on....for months!
 I had actually done more then I realised.  Just got one more flower here to finish.
 This ones done.
Together they look like this.
 The centres been finished for ages.
But unfortunately there is more tulips to do along the sides.  Still I have made progress!
This pattern is called Spring Blooms applique table runner by Norma Whaley, from Timeless Traditions Quilts.
Happy quilting Sue.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quilting Hookers Hat Patch wall hanging

Remember these little blocks?  
I think they are called Anvil blocks, but Carol Hopkins called her creation Hookers Hat Patch in her book Civil War Legacies, which is  my design source.
They have been made into a top, pinned and ready for quilting, for ages, and ages!
So I spent a day with friends doing a bit of quilting.  It was perfect really as I had to chop and change thread colours and stop and start blocks.  Chatting away as I quilted.
I finished all the little blocks, SID and the borders.  I just quilted straight lines along the stripes in the border fabric.  But now second guessing that idea as there seems to be a wobble in my edges : (
Do I dream up some lovely little quilting design to go in the red zig zag sashing, or do I leave this space empty?
There is no rush to finish this wall hanging.  
I am just unsure if more is better or less is fine?
Happy quilting Sue.