Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figured I would do a quick post to say hello to everyone.  I started full time work in June last year which finished up in February - but it involved a two hour round trip commute.  So there has been very very little sewing happening at my place for a long time.  Well, strictly that is not true as I found sitting and hand sewing (english paper piecing six pointed stars) was enjoyable, but struggled to find the enthusiasm to machine piece.  I did enjoy a wonderful long weekend away with girlfriends in March where I did lots of sewing, but really in the last two months not a lot at home on my own.  I now start a new job tomorrow, working four days a week - but with a 15 minute drive to work.

And I am now counting down to the next sewing retreat with friends, in a months time.  This photo of my Kim Diehl quilt (see calls it Pie in the Sky - from her Simple Graces book) is on my hit list of outstanding UFO's that need finishing.  I made this blocks many moons ago, but was unhappy with the colour mix, but could not put my finger on it.  

I thought it might be the lack of light or dark - so took a black and white photo.  Decided that was not the problem, but that I needed more variety and colour!  So now I am cutting and prepping blocks ready to take away in a months, for five days of sewing and fun :)

I am still not comfortable with the new version of blogger so this may well be my last post.  If your interested in what I am making, I have a Instagram account (easy obtained if your on facebook) then you can find my at ahernsue, but its a private account, so you need to request to follow me.

Happy quilting 


Wooden quilt hanger is hung

Very pleased that this lovely wooden hanger my father made me (at least a year ago) has finally got hung!  Its a small thing, but after spending weeks working at home, staring at this wall, I was determined to re hang some of my quilts and move then around - and the hanger was custom made for this wool applique hanging so it needed to happen!

Billy buttons

Billy Buttons - a flower that looks like you can play the drums with it! An Australian native that I have long admired.  My mother had a native ground cover with small yellow flowers that were disc like (eg round but flat) when we were kids - which she called Billy Buttons.  I have been on the look out for the past few years for one, as I think they would grow well in our sandy soils, but this version is a delightful alternative.  

A quilt finish that I forgot to post

I finally finished the binding on this quilt and completely forgot to blog about it. The pattern is called Vivid Grid, and was from the Spring edition of 2017 Quilts and More Magazine. 
I now have a massive pile of quilts to donate and it ended up in the pile without being photographed first.  I think I have said before that this block is much loved by me a) uses 2.5" strips and squares b) easy pattern to follow c) makes a decent size bloc and c) looks good no matter what colourway you use.
This is a variation on the original pattern though, as I added sashing and red cornerstones, so the plus signs stand out more.  I dont like excessive background fabric normally, but that is my own fault as I normally use white.  I am super pleased with this bright blue and wish I had brought more. 
The weather was ridiculously warm for a short spell August, to the point I had to wear shorts while I was gardening.  So adding a few garden photos to my post which has been sitting in draft mode for more than a month, apologies, full time work and family (plus domestic drudge, gardening and a bit of sewing) have been taking priority.
Happy quilting Sue.

Shoo fly or shoo sea gulls?

I have been cutting 2.5" squares and making 2.5" HST from my scraps for a long time.  I was tired of making four patches and star blocks so I decided to make Shoo fly blocks.  The project ended up being dominated by sea gull fabric, as that was my last addition into the scrap box - the long skinny scraps after trimming a quilt, the sea gull fabric was the backing.  
There was one lonely different sea gull print in the bottom of my scrap box that was begging to join this quilt. 
I am delighted with the end result.  A coordinated collection of scrap red, teal, green, yellow and blue fabrics have found a worthwhile home.    
Which will make another lovely kids cot size donation quilt.  
Happy quilting Sue.

Jacob ladder and a new Leaders and Enders

So I caved and started something new!  Its a golden rule, if I have the urge to sew, I go with it!

Honestly I have no idea where this is going!  This is a Jacobs Ladder block.  I am using three different fabrics, two for the HST and one for the four patches.  All these fabrics were part of a story pack I got as a prize.  The pretty and floral prints are not my thing, but I have had a fair crack at using them in another project, so just trying to coordinator what I have left.  
These are all the blocks together, not in the best light, but it was the end of a long day!  I am hoping that that I might get a small lap quilt out of this, but we will see....planning is not my strength!
While I was about starting new projects (LOL) I started the Bonnie Hunter new leaders and enders block.  This is the perfect L&E block in my opinion, just rectangles and squares, with minimal neutral.  Having said that trying to find four squares that are the same fabric in my my depleted scrap collection is hard.  So I have had to go back to the scrap bucket and cut more scraps in this sizq.  No drama, just need to seriously consider a scrap 16 patch or similar to use all those singular scrap squares.  Happy quilting Sue.

Twisted quilt finished

I am not pleased with the new Blogger interface.  I find it just freezes on my screen, no idea why, everything worked fine once I had reverted to the old interface.  Anyway, that aside I havent had a lot to blog about as working full time, home schooling, domestic chores etc all reduced my sewing output.  But here is a snippet of what I have achieved.  And just a heads up if I disappear from blog land you can still find me on Instagram (ahernsue) - a different sort of fun, that is more time friendly.
Finally a binding finish!  Its winter and has been cold, but it has taken me ages to finish hand stitching the binding down on this lap size quilt.  These fabrics were left over from a project finished many years ago and it was great to be able to use them together again.  I was very lucky that a friend Denise quilted this for me - she is a great supporter of Very Snuggly Quilts and is a great quilter.  
Temecula Quilt Co have had a free basket pattern on Instagram.  I held off and held off, then caved!  For some reason I wanted to use brown fabrics (not my favourite colour).  I had fun making these little baskets, but now not sure where to go from here.  That has been a common problem this year, starting mini blocks but not making them into a quilt.  I have decided that I need to drag them all out and try and see if I can make some interesting sampler style minis or just get enthusiastic to make enough blocks to turn them into something usable like a table runner. 
Happy quilting Sue.

Kim Diehl star in a churn dash blocks

I was just popping in to read some of my favorite bloggers, after a six month absence!  Then I saw that there was this draft post, so figure...