Cot quilt 3 and 4

Are you over cot quilts yet?  I have to confess that I made these in a frenzy while on holidays, and now dragging out the reveals now I am back at work!  
 I needed 4 quilts so I optimistically thought I could get them all out of the fat quarter bundle.  But by number 3 I was running low on variety and yardage, so simple framed made the best use of the fabric I had left.   And the lime green chevron saved the day again, making a fun border to finish this quilt off.
With the left over fabric I decided to make a  a quilt of love for still born babies, for the family to wrap the baby in while they grieve and keep as a memento or if they wish bury the baby in.  
This summer has been very very warm in Horsham (western Victoria) and it is hard to think of quilting in the heat. Next step is to schedule in some time at my quilt group, so I can pin these tops.
Happy quilting Sue.

Cot quilt #2

Still using the fat quarter bundle of African animal/primary colour prints I decided that simple sashed blocks were the go, using up the 1.5" strips I had cut from the first cot quilt. 
I really liked the white/red polka dot fabric I found in my stash, so sashed all the blocks using this to make the quilt a bit bigger.
These are all elephant prints, super cute!
I was one block short, so fussy cut from one of the other prints.
This quilt needed a border in my option and I when I was on a day trip to Warrnambool with my mother (to visit their quilt show), I found this amazing lime chevron was on sale, so I brought the rest of the bolt!
Happy quilting Sue.

Cot quilt #1

I started out with a fat quarter bundle of kids prints and a desire to make four cot quilts. I found the  pattern in a quick clean up that I had but I cannot find it online to give you a link - sorry!  
I was happy with the blocks, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the colour.  
So I trialled some sashing in while (red dots) and blue (tone on tone dots), and the blue won. 
So while I am happy to have one cot quilt flimsy finish, I am still debating if I want to add a border or not.  So it might not actually be "finished"!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Moda love quilt finish

Bit more hand sewing achieved, resulting in another finish - a free layer cake pattern called Moda Love, which you can download HERE.
  In my case I had most of a layer cake that a friend gave me (after she had used part to make a cot quilt), plus hot pink yardage and then some supplementary fabrics from my stash in similar colours.  A quick easy quilt to make, that looks very effective when you can see the whole pattern.  
Because I have boys its unusual for me to have hot pink in the stash, but this was just perfect match for pretty prints in the layer cake.  And some yellow yardage I picked up on sale, helped fill out the missing bits of the layer cake for the top, as well as make up the backing.
Long arm quilted by Vicki Jenkins.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Charity Quilt finish - Dinosaur half square triangles

Dinosaur Half Square triangles was finished in December, I am late posting the news!
Over Christmas I got the binding hand stitched down on this bright fun quilt.  I am really pleased with this kids quilt, as it used only fabric from my stash, but is still fun and bright...especially that border print!  I made my boys much loved cushions from the fun dinosaur print quite a few years ago, so was nice to use it in a quilt for someone else.  
There are lots of spot prints in this quilt, so Vicki used a lovely circular quilting pattern. 
And this my friends is my birthday present...a very large rusty garden ornament.  Its yet to find its permanent place in the garden, as we are still waiting for our gazebo to be built....but once its up, the surrounding landscaping will include a spot for the sphere.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Pre Christmas stitching and birthday gifts

The day before my birthday, friend and longarm quilter Vicki Jenkin returned two quilts to me.  Because I had made the binding when I prepared them for quilting I was able to machine the bindings on quickly, so I had some hand stitching to do in the evenings.
I was very spoilt by the family for my birthday, Quirky Little Quilts by Temcula Quilt Co and Pam Burda's Vintage Patchwork book and the layer cake she makes all the projects in the book with.  As part of the pre order of Pam Burda's book/layer cake there is a kit for a pin cushion and (because it was so late - not her fault the manufacturers) I got four fat quarters, bonus!  
On Christmas Eve I started sewing strings (actually they were strings I put through the Go cutter 1.5" die) to use up the collection of wadding  scraps I had cut into 11" squares.  Please don't ask my why they are 11" squares, because it is SO long ago that I cut them I no longer remember my rational!
I made quite a few blocks before I ran out of strings!  I didnt technically "run out" but got too low on bright colours and didnt want to make another dreary quilt - banned myself from using these colours unless it was novelty print.
Daylillies going nuts in my garden, providing a fantastic burst of orange.  And the cute red car bin that my friend Vicki made me as a gift....that I love!
Happy quilting Sue.

Secret Christmas gifts - revealed

I have two good friends that I sew with, but this year we have tried to meet monthly and been sewing the same quilt from Simply Friendships book by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton.  The quilt has lots of hand sewing, which was chosen on purpose, for easy get togethers in each others homes. 

We also have a tradition of buying each other gifts at Christmas and birthdays.  So this year for their Christmas presents I made them a Hugs and Kisses bag for their hand sewing.  Then I added two scissor holders, but they are for large scissors - just grabbed my small scissors for the  photo shoot!

Then I popped in the rest of the fabric - because I knew she loved this print and I found some in a shop.  Plus a fabric marking pencil.
Same pencil, but in this case a Christmas ornament that I purchased in London - because she loves bees!  
Happy quilting Sue.

Cot quilt 3 and 4

Are you over cot quilts yet?  I have to confess that I made these in a frenzy while on holidays, and now dragging out the reveals now...