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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shopping bounty

I brought lots of brights
 to make a boy coloured version of this quilt.
I still need to buy border fabric, but that is decision I like to leave until the top is together and one colour speaks louder to me then the others.  Hmm right, I am conservative, you can better your bottom dollar it will be blue!
I brought these fabrics.
To finish these blocks off into a quilt.
Well that's the plan!
Happy quilting Sue.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A new bag is born

A new bag is born.  Lisa and made one together, the pattern is free and called Sewing Date Traveller, designed by Cynthia Frenette and can be found HERE.
The interfacing we used was super stiff, great to hold the bag upright, but that made it tough when sewing together the outer and liner.  But you never know that until you make a pattern.  I was behind Lisa in the process, so when she suggested I make the pockets from normal pellon instead of the stiff interfacing I got the benefit of her experience.
However my internal centre pocket was made of the stiff stuff  so it would stand up and side pockets are pellon = floppy.  The real test was sewing the liner (with pockets attached to the outer bag.  It was tough on the machine.
And I thought it would be tough to hand stitch the binding down.  That's why it was pinned for a week and not touched!  The design is great, you can see in to find all your tools, just not an easy bag to make.
However it was worth it in the end and I am very pleased to have it finished and use it.  
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Off shopping I will go, hi ho!

Newly purchased backing at the ready.  Opps but I have no matching fabric for a top!  
 Nope not this one...its for a tractor loving friend.
 So is this.
Definitely not this collection...destine to become a Lego quilt.
Ahhh, hmm, no plans for these two fat quarters, just liked em. 
 Oh yes this was the culprit that started it.  Nice flannel on sale...of course!
 And a new bag, that still had plenty of room for MORE new purchases!
Taking my new bag shopping today.  Need more fabric?  Of course I NEED new fabric!
Happy quilting Sue.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

An organiser to get me organised!

There are just too many free tutorials and not enough days in the week!  I have decided to stop pinning so much stuff and start making instead!  So here is another great pattern, free that I had pinned and now made, yeah!   Only another 14,273 to go!
Called the Constance Organiser this free tutorial is by Bethany Herwegh  who blogs at The Glamorous Housewife.  

I thought it was easy to make until it came to the sewing together.  My main mistake was putting the catch on the wrong side - which added to the bulk, from all the pocket layers.  My Mum immediately pointed out that it would have been easier still to divert from the pattern and sew the tab into the seam.  So next time (if there is a next time) I would do that for sure.  Still I bent a needle when I was top stitching it, so I am wondering if next time I would quilt the exterior instead, add some template plastic in between to make it a bit stiffer again and then bind it.  Just a though.
All the fabric came out of my stash so it was good to finally use this quirky stamp print, which I had stuck in the ugly category up until now.  Its funny to finally use it, but it was a great decision because I got to use snippets of other fabrics I love, but have not made it to the cutting mat for the longest time!
Happy quilting Sue.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A new quilt is born!

These sweet little blocks came alive in my sewing room.  I had spent a very long day making apricot jam, my first ever solo effort!  As a reward I needed to stitch something "easy". With all the lovely books I have received lately these ones spoke to me the most....after turning my bookshelf inside out and failing to find a pattern for a basket block I loved.
 What intrigues me about this block is how different it looks depending on which way you set it.  The pattern I found (by Carol Hopkins in Civil War Legacies - quilt pattern is called Hookers Hat Patch!)  is what I would call a anvil block and it sets them in a vertical zig zag - which I love, but don't think I have ever done before. 
Working from my reproduction stash I am using red, brown and gold fabrics as suggested by the author.  It is not a combination I have used before and suddenly I feel that my past use of colour has been very repetitive and safe.  So here's to interesting and new colour combinations in 2016 using new to me layouts.
Is that a sufficient excuse to be working on a quilt that is not on my wish list...when its only January?!  Some people wait til February to break their NYE resolutions!
A dive through my sewing bin uncovered enough selvedge to make a jigsaw.  I think there are enough clues here to track down some more of the lovely shirting I have been using.  The pattern calls for 28 x 3" blocks.  so I am nearly there.  Not sure I want to stop really, even though this size will make a stunning miniature.
Madness really.  Perhaps the heat has got to me?
Happy quilting Sue.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Draw string bag

While I was making my Ellie Travel Case the other day, Lisa was making some drawstring bags.  I couldn't resist and found the free tutorial (lined-drawstring-bag-tutorial) she used by Jeni Baker (who blogs under In Colour Order) and made one for myself.  
When I was rummaging through my stashing, I found a large piece of this cute lingerie fabric.  I also found the lining and accent fabric in my stash.  There was no suitable ribbon long enough in my stash so I just followed her super easy instructions to make a matching drawstring.   
This bag is a great size for my lingerie when travelling.    I dont need more then one, so going to have to either make some as gifts or find another great pattern for this quirky cute  print...there is plenty leftovers!  
Happy Quilting Sue

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A new bag, for a new hand piecing project!

Lisa came for a day of sewing.  I decided to make a bag I had pinned a few days ago, because I couldn't stop thinking about it!  
Its called the Ellie Travel Case and is a free tutorial by Heidi Staples on her blog, Fabric Mutt.   The pattern was well written and I basically made it in an afternoon, a long afternoon granted!
The only down side was the handles and I could have done something wrong.  But I decided to applique a scrap to cover up the wadding and it doesn't look too bad.
Its a nice small bag, perfect for some hand sewing - for those grab and run days where you suspect there will be down time aka stitching time!  I have unearthed a new hand applique project, so this is its new home and hopefully it won't get forgotten about now its in this super cute bag!
I have also been picking my cherry Roma tomatoes,  
 and helping Mum bottle my apricots.  She had the knowledge, I have the fruit and we both do the work.  She gets as many bottles as she wants and I take the rest!
I planted watermelons, because the kids wanted them.  They have shown zero interest in gardening since!  I went to turn this one over and it broke off the vine.  So I figured that was a sign it was ripe.  Nope!  I struggled to carry it into the house, I put the apple in the photo to give you an idea of how large it was.    
When I stuck the knife in it to cut it open, there was a big pop and it split down the middle - getting a fright when you have a large carving knife in your hand is not an experience I wish to repeat!
Very disappointed that it tasted ...hmm funny/tart/insufficiently sweet?  Either way the chooks got the lot and now I am wondering if it is worth watering the rest of the watermelons on the vine...all ten of them!  Happy to hear from experienced watermelon growers!
Happy quilting Sue.