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Monday, May 25, 2015

Pin cushion swap

After thinking I wouldn't be able to resist opening my pin cushion swap parcel early...I nearly forgot to open it Sunday!  When I picked up the mail Friday I was busy with kids etc and I put it in the sewing corner and then promptly forgot about it!
Sunday I was rushing out the door to go see my Dads groups wood turning exhibition and then meet Mum and Lisa for some sewing...when I found the parcel!  Elyte made me this beautiful hexi appliqued pear on a linen background...with red reproduction fabrics!  Love love, love it!  And it was wrapped in this sweet floral fat quarter and also contained this cute bird button.
Now I know I am suppose to stick pins in this, but it makes a delightful pillow to display on my (new to me) wooden carved wall "stand" (eg I have been told it's really a pipe holder, but smoking is definitely out of favour at our house) 
it looks super nice next to my lovely new mini....did I mention I love red...and pears! : )
Happy quilting, Sue

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May is Green

Green, or more specifically dark green is the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge colour for May.  I have plenty of dark green scraps.  But not a huge variety of greens, there are lot of repeat offenders from backings, borders and the big green quilt (Luck of the Irish) I made my in laws many years ago - which you can see HERE.
 I am continuing to make green leaves for my Scrappy Sprouts quilt.  I did the maths this week to work out how many blocks I needed to make a single bed quilt....and I am half way there, which is good to know.

All the time I was focusing on finding enough variety to make a star block....I failed to notice my star point boo boo.  So out came the unpicker!
Sew I have only made four scrappy nine patches and one star block.  But I did spend quite a bit of time last night unpicking "left overs" from this now completed charity quilt - Scrappy Bargello, which is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern.  So I now have some more variety to add to my green 2.5" squares.
This quilt used up a LOT of 2.5" strips and while it is predominately brown, then blue there is green in there!  I decided to use the controlled palette ....well truth is it was forced on me a bit, as these were the longest and most plentiful strips in my collection.  But I figure it makes for a good "blokes" quilt.  The quilt finished at 56" x 72".
On the back I got to use up even more stash...ironically most of these were backing left overs from other quilts, except the blue which I used as the border and binding - that was a purpose purchase for a "one day backing"!  I don't normally piece backings, but I have decided this is a great idea, as it didn't take very long and looked far better then I expected.  
Happy Quilting, Sue.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dolls Quilt Swap

I have never done a swap before - and I have been quilting for 15 years!  So with extra time on my hands I signed up for a pin cushion swap....I have sent mine off, but still waiting on mine to arrive...but that's OK as we are not allowed to open them until the end of the month...and I am not good at not peeking!
Then Lori set up a Doll's Quilt Swap on her blog Humble Quilts.  I signed up and set to work.  Parts of the pattern's cutting instructions I used was incorrect :( but I got there after a bit of re cutting and unstitching.  I have posted my little quilt off to US, accompanied by some extra goodies.  I was going to do a sneak peek...but realised that even the picture of the back of the quilt gave the design away!
Then this lovely parcel arrived for me!  Because its my first swap I thought I had to wait to open it....til I realised that was just for the pin cushion swap, phew cos I am not a patient person!
 Charlotte (no blog) sent me a beautiful four patch quilt, in cheddar...I don't have a cheddar mini and I love four patches, so this was a big thrill....we didn't know our recipients, but she chose a design I love.  And her workmanship is exquisite, tiny pieces and beautifully quilted, I am a very happy girl!
And I got some beautiful bundle of 6" squares of shirting's, a quilting badge and a lovely little pattern. 
The pattern captured my attention immediately....I am busting to start making it, but trying to finish a charity quilt at present...then I will be making this mini quilt immediately!  Oh and I have my Dad hard at work out in the shed restoring a dressing table for just ordered a new draw handle (one was missing) and found a shop that stocked the tiny screws needed to replace in the draw handles....and now off to order a new mirror....then I will get to my sewing on the charity quilt!
Happy quilting Sue.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Finished not fancy

I really must find a better way to displaying quilts I want to photograph!  
This is the finished top of my second Hawthorn Aussie rules football quilt...the one for my son.  I finished the top in March.  I pinned it a few weeks ago and recently quilted it.  
Well last night I finally finished the binding.
There is nothing fancy about this quilt.  There is nothing I am proud of when it comes to the quilting.  But it is finished and with flannel on the back it will be cosy and warm.  I am not going to complain, but instead plan and put into action the need for a new sewing that larger, that will support the quilts stop the puckering and pulling I experienced while trying to quilt straight lines.
I put it on DS1 bed last night while he was asleep...looking forward to his reaction this morning when he wakes up.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Friday, May 15, 2015

A new table runner is born

My friend Lisa gifted me a 2.5" precut pack of fabric in my favorite muddy colours.  I have always looked at these in the shops....but wondered what I would make with one!
I laid them out and rearranged them several times.  But in the end I found this simple design worked best.  I thought it deserved a fancy quilting pattern...but my quilting repertoire only holds a few designs.... 
so wavy spirals it was.  A nice quick fun finish and the stash was nicely reduced by a fat quarter for the backing, sashing and binding, not a huge volume, but every little bit helps. mission to reduce my stash continues!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

In the words of my six year old, I am a good Mum because...
Sew glad he has me pegged as having a high IQ!! ;)  

 But Mr 6 choose this beautiful floral arrangement, so you can see he has good taste.
picked out this fabulous lamp (with a daylight bulb) for, love, love I can sew at night or on grey days like today!
 Mr 6 in his newly finished art smock....made yesterday with the help of my Mum.
Mr 8 in his art smock...why they have both become camera shy I don't know!
And my friend Lisa's gorgeous blocks, from a block shades of teal and green with low volume backgrounds....I was very tempted to steal these yesterday....but she has promised to send me the link...its a free pattern, I cannot wait!
Happy quilting, Sue.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A win, a loss and some purchases!

We brought three chooks on Saturday morning...on Sunday morning we had one chook, two holes into the chook shed, two piles of feathers, and two upset boys :(  
DH has now fox proofed the chook shed by securing mesh on the ground, around the exterior.
On a more positive note the wall hanging I made (All Aussie Creatures by Milamac) for the boys won fourth prize in viewers choice.  
Quilted by my friend Elaine Kennedy (Pine Grove Quilting Studio, Adelaide), I think the fun and cute animals she quilted in appealed to young and old. I had a request to make another one (to give to her grandkids) and another lady asked me how much I would sell it for....that left me a bit stumped, but luckily she understood that it was a gift to my children and not for sale!

This is my prize, 8 x 40 cm WOF pieces of Tilda fabric!!!   And it was donated by my friend Ann's shop, Periwinkle Patchwork (Warrnambool) which was nice.
  And the of course I did some shopping!!
Some large pieces for backings.
Two patterns - one is for a bag to put my hand work in and the fruit themed needle keepers - cos I have a think for fruit!  And lastly a roll of some "moody" blues, not necessarily reproduction prints, but I couldn't resist them!
Happy quilting, Sue.