Bits and pieces

I am stitching hanging sleeves onto quilts and writing descriptions ready for our local quilt show.  Its all boring, so I have been entertaining myself with some fun stuff in between.
I finished a few more mini spools to use up the last few strips cut from Miss Kate charm pack.  Plus I am keen to make this block part of my Rainbow Scrappy challenge project.  So that means making some more from my other scraps!
Opp's I started a new project!  Although technically its now a UFO, because I cut this out to do at quilt camp in March but didnt get it started.  I made the body of the mini quilt in a day, but the border is fiddly.  This is a mini replica of a antique quilt, pattern by Ann Hermes, from American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, February 2011.  
Finally made some more flying geese, this is just a sample. I have mixed them up a bit, having some reverse colours and using some darker backgrounds as well.  Not sure where this project is heading, but its good mindless sewing and happy to sew along when I have time.
Happy Quilting Sue.

Midwinter Red Quilt - finished

 To make this quilt I used a Midwinter Red layer cake by Moda and used the then free Disappearing Pinwheel tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company. 
  It appears this pattern is now only available for sale via their website now, which you can find HERE.
 There was no wastage in this sew, cut, resew style pattern.  However all the bias edges end up as the blocks outside edges.  Which leads to very careful pinning to put the top together.  Stacey and I made this quilt top together at a camp June 2015.  Stacey got her top together quickly that same weekend.
It took me a lot longer, mainly because I didnt want to deal with those bias edges.  And then when I wanted to I had to go shopping for the sashing and border fabrics.
 SEW glad I took my time and find the right fabrics.  I had the quilt professionally quilted by Vicki Jenkin and love the swirl design we picked.  Vicki always does a great job and she was very nice and said my woopy corner wasn't that bad...she definitely quilted it flat, I didn't peg it on the line straight!
 Happy Quilting, Sue.

Quilters Harvest buying frenzy

 None of my usual retailing road trip friends were available for a quick shopping trip to Warracknabeal, but that was fine, as I had limited time to dally.  Off I headed to Quilters Harvest, a 45 minute drive away, to buy up at their sale.  While it is always nice to get a bargain, there was no celebrating, because no buyer for this lovely business :( means they are going to have to close the doors.  
 Toile, not normally high on my buying list, but my new book Jo's Little Favorites has a great mini pattern that uses a lovely red/cream fussy cut toile print.
 Ahh, all of these (except the toile) were just "because I love them too much to leave them in the shop"!  And without a doubt would kick myself if I had.  
 Yep not much excuse for buying these either.  Middle shirting and bottom print (a Kim Diehl),  I brought the rest of the bolt.  It was my plan to buy enough of one background to make a large Irish Chain, but alas there wasn't enough yardage.  Still they came home with me!
 Complete bargain (30 cm each of six prints) this roll of fabric, and l already had that bottom print in the other colour ways, so in the basket it went!
 More wool, baby measuring panel, neither of which I have a specific project in mind for.  Well I am going to make some Very Snuggle Quilts, but the panel may or may not work, as it is very narrow.    Oh but the red and white stripe, I did need that for last weeks binding of my mini spools.
 Progress shot of my completed Woolly Baskets wall hanging (by Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs).  The final border fabric was purchased in this same shopping trip.  So I guess there was a purpose to shopping frenzy after all!
I brought about four different fabrics, because I couldn't make up my mind, for a border print for this project.  But I cannot find the photo I took of them. Pink is not normally my thing, but trust me I brought a lot of pink on this trip.  
I ran out of shopping time, but as you can see I did try my best to help Del and Shirley out by reducing their stock.  Thanks for great customer service ladies, hope to see you "around the traps" in your retirement/new adventures.
Happy quilting Sue.

Spools wall hanging finished

Thimble Blossom pattern Spools, which is a mini/wall hanging.  Finished size:14.5x17"
Fabric from Bonnie and Camille charm pack called Miss Kate.
I stippled in the background and quilted straight lines in the spool centres.  I have started wearing reading glasses in the last year or so. But I am going to have to get my eyes checked as I found seeing where I had quilted (so I didn't double back over my stitching) really hard.  It was partly the quality of light and also the foot getting in the way, but my eyesight has deteriorated :( 
How did the pioneer women ever cope with just candle light??
Red and white stripes were required for binding and I didn't have any in my stash, but with two other projects that need borders I was up for a road trip to my "local" quilt shop, Quilters Harvest.
Needless to say binding was purchased and I enjoyed myself!
Happy quilting Sue.

Rainbow Scrappy Challenge updated - Red for March

I am really behind in my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge reporting.  I have been slowly sewing in the background.
 Making four patches should be easy but I had to do a bit of unpicking.  I had made two scrappy checkerboard (four patch) borders for another quilt last year, then decided they looked odd and made the quilt the wrong size.  So I am now repurposing the pieces for RSC.
I had made one star, but no nine patches. so had to forage a bit more for some variety of fabrics.
I really want more red stars, but I have run out of cut neutral triangles and variety in the red triangles, so two will sufficience until I have more scraps to cut up.
Hence a new block ;) Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
Happy quilting Sue.

Patchwork Camp part 3

I had plans to make these 12" blocks a feI have had these blocks cut out for a long time.  I made up the dimensions myself to use up 6" novelty squares and some brights that were donated to me, but making sure there was minimal white. I never think white is a good colour for kids quilts.
This is not the ideal size, but OK for a baby quilt after I find some suitable border fabric.  The next one I make will be larger, but I use different colours for the churn dash part of the block.
This is a Thimble blossom Mini pattern called Spools.  I used a charm pack called Miss Kate (?) designed by Bonnie and Camille, same as the pattern. I have made one previously (and gifted it)  if you think it looks familiar. The pattern only uses a few charms, so I have been wanting to make one for myself, I want to quilt this soon, it is perfect for my sewing corner wall!
I got the extra Vivid Grid blocks made and I have sewn it all together!  So pleased with this top.  I have to admit that when I prepped for the extra blocks I didnt count.  So there are plenty of pieces cut ready to make more....but bit over them at present!  But I can see myself making more in the future.  I just need a break from brights!
These little 4" baskets are a Jo Morton pattern called Beth's baskets from her book Jo's Little Favorites.  These blocks are going to have to wait a while, as there are other things that need finishing first.  But I do have the fabric all picked ready to go.  
The last thing I did before I left Robe was to sash these little woolly basket blocks.  
Everyone agreed the pink was a winner, but the green I had picked for cornerstones was wrong. It was suggested red and thought fussy cutting the cornerstones was the go.  I was just in a frenzy to finish and did as I was told!  SEW glad I did!  
I assume there is another border to be added, but it is a free pattern from Dawn Heese, so will have to go online and check out finished ones.  Then again it might be fine as is, only a wall hanging so doesn't need to be larger.
SEW as you can see, camp was very productive and good fun.
Happy quilting Sue.

Patchwork camp Part 2

 M made a feather table runner with gorgeous quilted feathers in the border.

 H worked on lots of projects, but showed us her beautiful blocks from Sue Daley book Raspberry Parlour.
S finished her Disappearing pinwheel - we made this pattern together about two years ago, I have just finished mine too!  She likes clear colours and I think it looks great.
 S was discussing border fabric, and when I pointed out the fabric in the bottom LH corner, she grinned and produced what she had already purchased - its basically a match!  I love this fresh white and red/pink combination
 S also made Zombie star blocks and sashed her Star Wars quilt.  
Which was a project she worked on last year, but we decided would benefit from sashing, which it has!
Happy quilting Sue.

Patchwork Camp Part 1

I have been on a weekend retreat with friends in Robe, we call it patchwork camp, but staying in a motel is hardly camping!  I tried to capture some of the projects in progress, but some were finished so quickly...or was I just too focused on what I was doing?  
I am annoyed at myself for not taking not of the book these blocks came out of.  But I love the colour combinations and some of the neutral prints were just fabulous.  J said she wanted a challenge for the weekend and these blocks were certainly not straight forward or traditional in anyway.
She was very diligent and got a lot done, as they are quite fiddly, and of course no chain piecing, because each was very different from the other.
This quilt top, was made from scratch by S over the weekend, but still needs a press.  She worked hard before camp and kitted up this and her other projects, which helped inspire me to do the same.  Certainly allows you to be more productive in the piecing time when your away.
E did some string piecing using her diamond template.  The red star is whole pieces of plaid wool - love it!  Think the background wool was black or navy, so it will really stand out.
E had visions of two separate quilts.  We tried to convince her to make two more and put all four in the same quilt.  She kept saying it will be enormous!  And we kept encouraging her, all that lovely negative space for her to showcase some quilting!
More coming in another post.
Happy quilting Sue.

Vivid Grid - a new quilt commenced!

I brought the Spring 2017 edition of Quilts and More and fell in love with Vivid Grid by Sharon McConnell.  
This pattern resonated with me because my 2.5" strip box had a reasonable amount of bright fabric in various colours.  I don't have anything against a bright palette.  It's just not what normally captures my attention first, which is why they were still in the box.
As the 2.5" wide strips were already cut, I just had to cut them to the two different lengths.  I was going to kit up enough blocks to make the quilt and then leave it for quilt camp.  
But a girl has to make one test block right? 
And then play with all the pretty colours!
Honestly within two days I was two blocks off finishing the top!  Its about now that I read the rest of the instructions...well the start where it tells you that the finished quilt is 50 x 60".  That's not big enough for me and while I confess to buying 30 cm of hot pink and orange - there are still plenty of my scraps (and a few fat quarters) to use.
So I am going to make another two row....that's only 12 blocks, and this time I will find the strength to just kit them up to take to quilt camp?!
Happy quilting Sue.   

Red and green log cabin quilt - finished!

 I started this quilt in November when I realised I had a lot of red and green precut 2.5" strips in my strip box.  And I guess I was in the mood for Christmas??
I love making log cabin blocks and when the strips are this large the 12" blocks come together really quickly.  But I had made a mistake and only realised half way through.  I did some  unpicking and very quickly this top (58" x 70")was finished.
Then it was just a matter of waiting until I had the chance to pin this single bed size top.  I had the perfect green in my stash for a backing.  So in January when it got pinned it sat there looking at me until I set to one weekend and stipple quilted it. 
Then it sat and sat until I finally went looking for scrap red strips sufficient to make binding from.  So the whole quilt came out of my stash, which I am really pleased about!
Happy quilting Sue.

Midwinter Red - pinwheel in a churn dash top is finished!

Honestly I have to find a better name for this quilt!
I have been referring to it as the pinwheel in a churn dash - but while descriptive it is a mouthful!
 I finally got the borders on, so now she is a completed top.  Still a bit rippled in one corner, because of the bias edges of the blocks.  But not as bad as I had imaged it might be.  That is code for "hope it quilts out" verses "I am too embarrassed to send it to the long arm quilter!"
My quilt hanger is away, so nothing but terrible photos  - sorry about that!  This quilt is a decent size at 82 x 69" so I had to buy a backing - nothing in the stash is sufficiently large (or red) enough.  A quick trip to Quilters Harvest (Warracknabeal) and I got this print on sale!
Happy days, another flimsy finish and another UFO near completion.
Happy quilting Sue.

Sadie's Quilt - finished!

I started making this little quilt back at Christmas while I was on holidays.  The hold up has been the quilting. 
 Finally some inspiration struck and I quilted daisy's in the centres and SID the blocks.  On the edges
I made a geometric design, sort of half a four patch.
Sadie's quilt is by Jo Morton from her book, Jo's LIttle Favorites and the pattern finishes at 22 x 26" but I made half the blocks so my quilt is 13 x13".  The smaller the quilt the more I can fit on my wall!
Happy quilting Sue.

I Spy kids quilt top finished

After resewing all the four patches into their background colours I laid them out as a top. 
I did not want sashing that was too light or too bright.  The polka dots was just right!
 And the stash revealed 2.5" novelty squares perfect for sashing, some of which had previously been fussy cut - others were just too cute to throw away, even if I did cut off half the kite!
I auditioned a few options for borders, but it had to be red in the end!  
Ta dah!  A lovely kids quilt - not large, but the majority out of my stash.  And although incoming fabric (sashing) was more then outgoing fabric (completed top), the sashing will go towards another top in the same style, but next time with bigger squares.
Now back to stash browsing to find a backing!
Happy quilting Sue.

Bits and pieces

I am stitching hanging sleeves onto quilts and writing descriptions ready for our local quilt show.  Its all boring, so I have been enterta...