A new mini quilt

I thought I would cheat and show you the progress shots (to pad out this post), as I made this quilt.
 But the truth is, it was quick to make, hence I did show them on Instagram, but this little pretty is done and dusted now!
Besides the clarity in this shot is way better then the progress ones!
Another mini finish from my Jo Morton book "Jo's Little Favorites".  This pattern is called Cabin Corners and combines log cabin blocks with courthouse step blocks.  I don't remember making courthouse step blocks before, but they were fun. I have also never been a huge low volume fan, but I enjoyed the challenge here.
A "nearly at the end" progress shot, this is the quilt my Mum started at Patchwork camp a few weeks ago, 
and she has since finished all the blocks and sewn them up. I think she is planning on a thin cream border though on the edge, so really nearly a "flimsy finish".
The pattern was purchased at Periwinkle Patchwork, but the name of the pattern maker or pattern eludes me.
Happy quilting Sue.

September is Orange

September's colour for Rainbow Scrappy Challenge is Orange.
 I dont use a lot of orange, mainly for kids quilts, so the scrap pile is fairly small.  I managed one star,
 and ten four patches.  There are a few more pre cut triangles, that I need to make a plan for.
 No orange in this quilt, but it is a flimsy finish! This is my second Vivid Grid quilt (pattern by Sharon McConnell) which appeared in the Spring issue of Quilts and More magazine.
I started and finished the blocks on Patchwork camp, so it was just a matter of sewing them all together.  The quilt is approximately 60 x 60" so I am just going to finish it as is.  I havent decided if I am up to quilting it myself, but as my shoulder hasn't been great, I will probably outsource it.  But need to find a backing first.  And  I am not sure how I will bind it...I have already used the left over jelly roll strips in another quilt!
Happy quilting Sue

Spring is here

 Spring is here, officially and because the self sown sweet peas have started to flower....
....along with the self sown Cornflowers.
Then I noticed the first of my daffodils flowering.
Which prompted me to finally finish my Spring table runner!
Pattern by Jacquelynne Steves, published in Spring 2017 edition of Quilts and More magazine.
Ironically I have also finally finished hand stitching the binding on this table runner, Spring Blooms.
This is a Norma Whaley pattern called Spring Blooms which you can buy on the Timeless Traditions. website.    A shot of the back, which I pieced to use up some scraps of green and to show off the quilting.  Sometimes my quilting is great, lots of time its just OK.  Fairly happy with this!
Hope your enjoying some pretty blooms at your place!
Happy quilting Sue.

Mini Finish

Pattern Bordered Toile by Jo Morton, from her book "Jo's Little Favorites",
Nice to have another finish.  This is the second quilt I have made from this book and there is a third in progress.  I think that says something about a book.  Or perhaps it speaks volumes about my attention span for miniatures this year, v large quilts!  
Frustrating to have a collection of finished mini's that are not hanging on the wall!  Need to find some time with hammer and hooks and get the collection hung!
Happy quilting Sue.

Marvelous Mini Monday ...more tiny blocks

I had been putting off making these 36 patch blocks :(
But decided that the easiest way was to strip piece them.  Worked out fine for the red version of my Marvelous Mini Monday blocks. 
Thought I would try Trip Around the World style in rainbow colours for my scrap version.
But I didnt like it.  So after much procrastinating (and many weeks) I had another attempt.
Which is fine in my book.  
Did an audit of my blocks and worked out what was missing and which ones needed resewing...because I had lost most of the points.  
 Still struggling with the log cabin in red.  Not thrilled with the scrap version but its done.

Final photo of the scrap version of the sampler blocks.
No idea why but the flying geese have given me the most problems.
Still they are all done!
Happy quilting Sue.

Cave Hill Patchwork Camp

 I started off with a Moda Collection for a Cause Historical Blender jelly roll and some background.  I wanted to make another Vivid Grid quilt, the pattern was originally published in Quilts and More magazine Spring 2017 and is by Sharon McConnell .  With no triangles and only two differnt length stips to cut, I declare this pattern perfect for super easy piecing, when a girl just wants to have fun!
I went home with all my 36 x 10" square blocks completed, enough for a 6 x 6 layout, = 60" square quilt.
All the while I was piecing these blocks I was also piecing half square triangles in scraps of green and neutral, for my newest Rainbow Scrappy Challenge block. I cut up alot of scraps recently into HST to finish at 2.5".  So they got paired with neutrals (this months colour for RSC) and made into this little pile of 4.5" unfinished blocks. 
 And I started making mini churn dash blocks, 3" finished.
I was ridiculously pleased with the first one.  Despite careful cutting and piecing I had found that my mini blocks would often result in lost points.  However after good advise from Janet I swapped over to a different brand of thread, because it is thinner...it made all the difference! 
I spent a lot of time looking for mini pieces, its amazing how quickly they get "lost" because they are so tiny!
 But I managed a finished flimsy (14.5 x 18"), the pattern is called "Little Red One" by Red Button Quilt Co and I brought it all as a kit from Quilters Harvest.  I have yet to do the simple embroidery stems in centre of churn dashes, with mini button's for flowers.
 My friend Lisa put these sweet Bonnie and Camille log cabin blocks together over the weekend and made multiple bags/purses, of which I neglected to get pictures :(
I was too busy looking at the beautiful view this idyllic location offers, plus eating, talking and madly stitching!
Happy quilting Sue.

Second Spring table runner finish

I have been working on this Norma Whaley table runner "Spring Blooms" for two years, so it was great to finally be quilting it.  I had picked this pattern specifically because it was the right size to protect the top of the cabinet that our television sits on.
So I wanted to quilt it fairly heavily.  Hence little stipple in the centre, also helps to make the peels "pop".  
Then outlined the applique, quilted the applique design in the gaps and some larger stipple in the borders.
Nearly finished. Just got to decide if I am going to attempt some quilting in the green border or not? A attach the binding....just waiting on a fabric package in the mail :)
Happy quilting Sue.

Another new quilt commenced?!

Months ago I signed up to go to a patchwork camp I haven't attended in years...mainly because I already go to two small private retreats each year - an indulgence that I hang out for!  However this year one was cancelled and so I had to decide what I would want to do at a "normal" camp.  Normal being, lots of ladies, no cooking duties, but not so much private space to spread my stuff out!
 Enter one jelly roll that has been sitting in my stash for way to long.  I purchased some yardage for background at Quilters Harvest sale before they closed the doors :(
 I started cutting the pieces from this fabric for a new version of Vivid Grid!
This is going on camp with me.  So hopefully there will be some progress to show next week.
Happy quilting, Sue.

Quilty progress

Despite the distractions of school holidays, work trips and feeding orphan lambs (while the real farmers in my family were away on holidays)....
I have made some quilting progress on a couple of small projects.
This is my start on quilting the spring table runner from Quilts and More magazine.   
I followed the pattern for straight lined quilting in the centre, but my borders are plain instead of appliqued. 
So I was forced to decide on a pattern on my own.  This was the only quilting stencil that I own that fitted the width of the border.  The bonus with this stencil is with such gentle curves,  I can use my walking foot.  I ma very happy with the results.
 I am yet to decide how to quilt the border on my Jo Morton mini.
 Giving serious consideration to some micro quilting on this mini, but happy with central panel being cross hatched and stitch in the ditch for multiple borders for now.  I have to sit and think about this project for a while.  In the meantime I am quilting yet another table runner...I only seem to be able to focus on little projects at present :)
Happy quilting Sue.

Nine patch Rainbow Scrap Challenge flimsy finish

I had a extra day off and the basket of Rainbow Scrap challenge blocks was about to overflow.  I have been using them as leaders and enders, especially the same coloured nine patches.
So I laid them out and used my new Sew Easy pins to number the rows of blocks.
 Then webbed the rows using the Bonnie Hunter method.  If your not familiar with webbing, its the ultimate in chain piecing when your putting a top together.  See Quiltville tutorial here.
I do it slightly differently as I pin my rows first, and then just deal with two rows and when I am feeling comfortable I tackle three rows at a time.
The end result is this top (56" x ?")

I don't have a title for this quilt yet.  But I am really pleased to report that it did use all the nine patches...until I discovered I had put a blue block where I needed a green block....so I now have one left over blue block!!  
Having said that, these were the ultimately easy leaders and enders blocks and used up oodles of 2.5" squares of scraps, so perhaps I could see my way to making more in the future :)
Happy quilting Sue.

Rainbow scrap challenge - Blue for July

This month, so far I have made, one blue mini Dresden from my reproduction fabrics,
six star blocks from scraps, 
 eight four patches made from scraps,  
and four nine patches also from scraps.
One green nine patch and eight four patches.
Truth is that I was running out of blue, so I deconstructed some four patches I had made previously for a long forgotten project, so I had more 2.5" squares to play with in blue.  And of course now I have all the left over colours to use up as well!
There are plenty of half square triangles cut in blue, but I have run out of neutral triangles. So off to play with the Go cutter and whittle down some neutral stash.
Happy quilting Sue.

Jungle quilt

I had been given some jungle prints from good friend Elaine quite some time ago.   Elaine and I had met through sewing charity quilts, so I thought it would be appropriate to make a charity kids quilt out of these fabrics.  I decided on a simple nine patch so you get a glimpse of the animals in the jungle and in a days sewing go this far.  I wanted to do a thin outer border of the white polka dots and then attempt a pieced border with the rest of the animal fabric.
I had a date with some local ladies to make kids charity quilts, where I .....
(with their advice).... decided on a simple bright stripe from my stash.
 Then finally stitched the big churn dash blocks together with some sashing from my stash.
Dragged this panel out of my stash, joined it with some blue from Lisa's stash and bordered it with appropriate fabric back out of my stash. Ta da another quilt top born!
 Lisa made this gorgeous quilt top. She is not finished yet, needs borders.
And Chris finished this cute top.
So a productive day was had by all and some stash sharing occurred, which is always fun.
Happy quilting Sue.

A new mini quilt

I thought I would cheat and show you the progress shots (to pad out this post), as I made this quilt.  But the truth is, it was quick to ...