Little Red Baskets on show

I have brought a couple of Kim Diehls books and this pattern, Esther's Baskets (from her book Simple Appeal) called to me from the beginning...I love baskets and who doesn't love red and white quilts.  Plus there is still plenty of room on my wall for another mini.
I started piecing the baskets (I also love that they are not on point) at home and took the handles to patchwork group for hand sewing.  Then they sat in my sewing bag neglected (until I brought more red fabric), until last week when I thought I could work on them, because I had finished everything that I wanted to...for our exhibition.  
The baskets were spotted, and someone kindly asked..."are you going to finish those for the exhibition?"
....well it wasn't my intention, but its only 13" square so I did!  I did finesse the borders for something a bit more interesting than the pattern instructed.
Then last weekend I started something new....ignoring my self proclaimed drive to finish some UFO's!
This is  a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Bargello.
Made out of  2.5" strips it currently measures 65 x 48". It is made using the same method as Scrappy trips, so I found it quick and easy to make, just a lot of pinning to ensure matching points.  I am on a mission to reduce myself of the extraordinary volume of stash fabric that I don't love anymore...because its not reproduction fabric!  So just need a border and then to quilt it.   That's a job for after the exhibition....but one I am looking forward to!
I will have photos of the Horsham quilt show tomorrow, but Judy has some up now HERE...including the sign I made!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. I'm glad you got the little baskets done before your exhibit. They are super cute and the scrappy Bargello is a great stashbuster idea. Of course, Bonnie is the queen of using scraps. Starting a few new things is always okay in my book!

  2. What a sweet little mini. Is it a book of mini quilts? You did well to finish it so quickly for the exhibition. The Bargello quilt would be a good mans quilt. Good luck using up those unloved fabrics......not easy is it.

  3. I love your little red baskets.. they are simply adorable... and lovely scrappy bargello in the making... I do love scrappy quilts...


  4. I adore your baskets ...I've been thinking of doing a basket quilt of late . I think that idea needs to germinate a little more before it translates into anything like reality ( I have projects unfinished, calling my name first)

    Your bargello is looking amazing Sue!


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