Finished not fancy

I really must find a better way to displaying quilts I want to photograph!  
This is the finished top of my second Hawthorn Aussie rules football quilt...the one for my son.  I finished the top in March.  I pinned it a few weeks ago and recently quilted it.  
Well last night I finally finished the binding.
There is nothing fancy about this quilt.  There is nothing I am proud of when it comes to the quilting.  But it is finished and with flannel on the back it will be cosy and warm.  I am not going to complain, but instead plan and put into action the need for a new sewing that larger, that will support the quilts stop the puckering and pulling I experienced while trying to quilt straight lines.
I put it on DS1 bed last night while he was asleep...looking forward to his reaction this morning when he wakes up.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Oh Sue, you should be proud.... its great and he will love it...


  2. I bet he will love it and would not notice any puckers. He will also think you are the best Mum ever for making that quilt. I also need to find a place to photograph my quilts. I have a few that need photographing which will then eventuate into a blog post. I made a Minecraft Steve pillow for a gift last year and that child said it was the best birthday present ever. You can imagine I felt pretty good that my handmade gift would get such praise. His Mum, although not a crafter, loved it also. Apparently he has it on his bed every night.

  3. I bet he loved it and will use it constantly!

    I think the quilting looks lovely and organic. And by the time this gets washed a time or two those pcukers you talk about ( and which I cant see ) will have disappeared into the awesomeness of this quilt .


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