Pin cushion swap

After thinking I wouldn't be able to resist opening my pin cushion swap parcel early...I nearly forgot to open it Sunday!  When I picked up the mail Friday I was busy with kids etc and I put it in the sewing corner and then promptly forgot about it!
Sunday I was rushing out the door to go see my Dads groups wood turning exhibition and then meet Mum and Lisa for some sewing...when I found the parcel!  Elyte made me this beautiful hexi appliqued pear on a linen background...with red reproduction fabrics!  Love love, love it!  And it was wrapped in this sweet floral fat quarter and also contained this cute bird button.
Now I know I am suppose to stick pins in this, but it makes a delightful pillow to display on my (new to me) wooden carved wall "stand" (eg I have been told it's really a pipe holder, but smoking is definitely out of favour at our house) 
it looks super nice next to my lovely new mini....did I mention I love red...and pears! : )
Happy quilting, Sue


  1. your new pin cushion looks gorgeous, Elyte has done an amazing job. It looks perfect on the stand.
    your mini looks lovely hanging up too.

  2. Beautiful pincushion-I;d have great difficulty sticking pins in it too. I think you found the perfect spot for it!

  3. what a lovely pincushion....

  4. The linen looks good with the red. Lovely pin cushion

  5. So pleased that you like the pin cushion and that it arrived safely. Lovely new mini too.


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