May is Green

Green, or more specifically dark green is the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge colour for May.  I have plenty of dark green scraps.  But not a huge variety of greens, there are lot of repeat offenders from backings, borders and the big green quilt (Luck of the Irish) I made my in laws many years ago - which you can see HERE.
 I am continuing to make green leaves for my Scrappy Sprouts quilt.  I did the maths this week to work out how many blocks I needed to make a single bed quilt....and I am half way there, which is good to know.

All the time I was focusing on finding enough variety to make a star block....I failed to notice my star point boo boo.  So out came the unpicker!
Sew I have only made four scrappy nine patches and one star block.  But I did spend quite a bit of time last night unpicking "left overs" from this now completed charity quilt - Scrappy Bargello, which is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern.  So I now have some more variety to add to my green 2.5" squares.
This quilt used up a LOT of 2.5" strips and while it is predominately brown, then blue there is green in there!  I decided to use the controlled palette ....well truth is it was forced on me a bit, as these were the longest and most plentiful strips in my collection.  But I figure it makes for a good "blokes" quilt.  The quilt finished at 56" x 72".
On the back I got to use up even more stash...ironically most of these were backing left overs from other quilts, except the blue which I used as the border and binding - that was a purpose purchase for a "one day backing"!  I don't normally piece backings, but I have decided this is a great idea, as it didn't take very long and looked far better then I expected.  
Happy Quilting, Sue.


  1. I am seeing lots of pieced backings these days, people trying to use up their stash, and proudly saying they did not buy any fabric, so must be affecting the shops.

  2. Piecing backings helps to clear the scrap bin of the larger bits. And I think they are more interesting. Great sprouts and a beautiful quilt.

  3. Love how you totally know what you want to do with your scraps. I made a quilt some time ago which I called "The Last Hurrah". In it I used all these fabrics I no longer wanted to see again, after I had made the quilt. It felt ridiculously good to use them one last time. I sometimes like to piece a backing and other times I just want to use a single fabric. Lately i have been making more single fabric backings more than pieced backings. Tula Pink released some wid ebacking fabrics at Quilt Market which look wonderful. I just need to make a quilt that would suit them. Another one to add to the list!

  4. love the scrappy bargelo quilt.... perfect....

  5. Im a fan of pieced backings but dont do them often enough ( by the time I get to that part of the quilting I just want to be done !)

    Your green blocks look lovely ( very antiquey!) and your bargello is gorgeous. One of these days Im going to do a bargello myself when Im feeling very strong emotionally!)

    Happy Sewing ...Im off to steal an hour for some quilting.

  6. Love pieced backs! Scraps quilts are brilliant!

  7. I would struggle to find enough green in my stash. Pieced badkings are great, especially if you like jigsaw puzzles!

  8. I loved pieced backings. Such a nice way to use up all kind of extra bits. Lovely greens this week. So fun to see where they all came from.

  9. You were SEW busy with GREEN this week!! Your Scrappy Trips charity quilt turned out lovely - front AND back!!

  10. Love the guy friendly quilt and the pieced backing. I'm sure it will be loved.


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