The Beatle Bag

I am linking up to Chooky Blue's blog as she is having a party this weekend...and we all like to party, right!
As it so happens we can kick off with the new sewing bag I made to attend the party this week.
I brought the pattern from Periwinkle Patchwork at our recent exhibition, and it is called The Beatle Bag by Abbey Lane quilts.
 The pattern came with a set of sturdy plastic (eg not supermarket sandwich bags) zip lock bags.
So you can safely cart all your bits and pieces to sewing with you.  Plus two big pockets for your scissors and rotary cutter.  Plus a detachable pin cushion...nearly used all my crushed walnut shells up now!  And I used more scrap fabric from the stash eg two of three of the fabrics I used were left over backings fabrics!
And then I "made" this apple needle keeper.  I say "made" as its not technically finished...there is suppose to be a button on the back as well...but it was a kit and the kit was short of the button and some fabric...which being wool I couldn't easily replace out of my stash....which is why I brought a kit in the first place...grrrr :(
Still its a nice needle keeper, it fits in my new sewing bag...and when I find my button collection (which is in hiding/perhaps not been unpacked? since we moved house!) I will finish it and probably make a pear one as well..just to keep my pear themed thing happening!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Enjoy your weekend, bet you will get lots of things finished again. Love your bag!

  2. Such a great bag, hope you have a nice weekend filled with lots of sewing time!

  3. What a great bag. It will be great to take to a class or just to have those essentials in a handy place at home. Most of the kits I have bought have been perfectly fine but there have been 2 which have been not so fine. It is kind of annoying. Enjoy your weekend

  4. what an interesting bag..............have fun sewing........

  5. Great bag and perfect for grabbing to take to classes and to those inevitable daily chore type things where you have to wait ( Doctor , hairdresser, bank) . You are on fire girl....whipping out the projects at a rate of knots that defies belief!

  6. love the sewing bag....


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