A win, a loss and some purchases!

We brought three chooks on Saturday morning...on Sunday morning we had one chook, two holes into the chook shed, two piles of feathers, and two upset boys :(  
DH has now fox proofed the chook shed by securing mesh on the ground, around the exterior.
On a more positive note the wall hanging I made (All Aussie Creatures by Milamac) for the boys won fourth prize in viewers choice.  
Quilted by my friend Elaine Kennedy (Pine Grove Quilting Studio, Adelaide), I think the fun and cute animals she quilted in appealed to young and old. I had a request to make another one (to give to her grandkids) and another lady asked me how much I would sell it for....that left me a bit stumped, but luckily she understood that it was a gift to my children and not for sale!

This is my prize, 8 x 40 cm WOF pieces of Tilda fabric!!!   And it was donated by my friend Ann's shop, Periwinkle Patchwork (Warrnambool) which was nice.
  And the of course I did some shopping!!
Some large pieces for backings.
Two patterns - one is for a bag to put my hand work in and the fruit themed needle keepers - cos I have a think for fruit!  And lastly a roll of some "moody" blues, not necessarily reproduction prints, but I couldn't resist them!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Poor chooks...those sneaky foxes . And I must say your chook house looks very secure pre chook wire – so who would have thought they wouldn’t be safe?

    Congratulations on the quilt award. Well deserved I think since that quilt is so cute.

    I like the fruit needle keeper pattern. Glad you treated yourself to some goodies.

  2. sad lessons about the chooks.........foot netting around the cages is great................

  3. Congratulations on you delightful quilt.doing so well at the show! I can see why others would want it.

  4. Oh dear, I hope the boys have recovered and that some new hens are coming your way soon. Congrats on your win. Just having your quilt in an exhibition would be exciting, but extra nice to have it recognised. And what a great price too.


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