Binding party!

There is a great Kim Diehl book to be won over here on Julie's blog and all I have to do is blog about what I have been binding this month....well a lot it turns out!

Binding Blitz

well firstly there was the red basket mini which need finishing (and happened to be a Kim Diehl pattern)  and just snuck into May so it could hang in our exhibition, 
then I finished the AFL Hawthorn quilt for my big binding was in order.  
Then I followed that with a table runner, 
and a charity quilt.
Finally a bit more binding, around my mini which was sent to the USA for a dolls quilt swap.
And guess what, I have a callous on my middle right finger, from all this binding!
Sheez if that doesn't win me a new Kim Diehl book, then I am going to have to reward myself with a thimble!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. That's quite a few metres of binding, no wonder you have a callous!

  2. lots and lots of binding done this month!!

  3. You win binder of the month for sure...Good Luck in the draw!


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